Written & Directed By: Steven Knight
Cinematography By: Chris Menges
Editor: Valerio Bonelli 

Cast: Jason Statham, Agata Buzek Vicky McClure, Benedict Wong

Homeless and on the run from a military court martial, a damaged ex-special forces soldier navigating London’s criminal underworld seizes an opportunity to assume another man’s identity — transforming into an avenging angel in the process.

This is the typical Jason Statham film though it works differently presenting him in more of a dramatic light than ever before.

Oh, there is action and violence it just comes with more consequences and the sequences seem a bit more realistic as he isn’t facing a horde of trained killers. It’s more those who goose to step in his way. Not as much action as we are used to in an usual Statham film. Though the film is dark material wise. It also get’s a bit ridiculous when it comes coincidences and how the plot proceeds.

At hear this film is a revenge tale, Though it lacks a villain much of the time. As it seems to go into drama and become a bit of a mystery. After that it seems to become more of a countdown until the inevitable end or at least showdown. Which when occurs is rather simple then becomes a bit revelatory.

While still for the most part unbelievable this film tries to present him more in a gritty light. Not everything is solved by the end. He’s not perfect just trying to put things tight and do the right thing for once even if it’s involves soon wrong to do it.

As the ill points out some of his decisions and actions are hypocritical, but like the characters we find ourselves easy to forgive him.

This is great Character acting by Mr. Statham in a film that asks him to be more serious and believable.

I am finding that I enjoy the less popular and publicized films on his resume as far as action this and SAFE.

The film is written and directed by the Oscar nominated screenwriter o the film dirty pretty things. Steven McKnight here once again the characters are immersed in the underground crime of England.

There are a few false notes including the seduction of a supporting Character that while dramatic feels haphazard as a conclusion bit can be forgiven in the context it is presented and how it unravels itself. More sweet then naughty.

Though the film is hardly subtle. it’s a fun ride though it is gritty and dark as we travel the underworld.

The constant surveillance footage was annoying though at first seemed creative and doesn’t really pay off until the end and what an ending.

Pretty direct even though at first I seemed ambiguous. One touch that was a bit over the top yet get right was the revenge sequence that runs parallel to an opera viewing that bathe end of the scene when there is cheering and applause. It seems more like the audience at homes reaction to the act that has been committed.

In this film no good deed truly goes unpunished and the films characters live up to the title as the Good characters seek it in different ways. Not always on the right way. As the film continuously seems to not judge and easily let some actions of the hook while in other films this would be why one would be seek. Revenge. It never asks or seems to make up. it’s Mind realizing people do the wrong things for the right reasons. We are all human.


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