ARMORED (2009)

Directed By: Nimrod Antal
Written By: James V. Simpson
Cinematography By: Andrzej Sekula
Editor: Armen Minasian
Cast: Columbus Short, Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne, Skeet Ulrich, Fred Ward, Jean Reno, Milo Ventimiglia, Lorna Raver, Amaury Nolasco 

The war veteran, Ty Hackett, is hired to work as security guard by the Eagle Shield Security where his old friend Mike Cochroone works. Ty is having financial difficulties after the death of his father, and is raising his brother Jimmy alone. He teams up with Mike’s brother-in-law, Baines, and their coworkers Quinn, Palmer and Dobbs. One night, Mike invites Ty to join in the robbery of two armored trucks transporting forty-two million dollars. The reluctant Ty accepts after Mike promises that nobody would be hurt in the heist. 

The directing by Nimrod Antal is solid that is one of the few good things I can say about this film. The story plays out more like action oriented theater. It has limited locations and most of the film takes place at a single one.

The action feels only necessary to dispatch characters and fill out the story. It helps the audience to feel more intense moments. The film feels more like it would play better in the 80’s or 90’s. with less dramatic cast.

Don’t get me wrong Matt Dillon and Laurence fishburne are good (Though Laurence Fishburne is often given to overacting in the film) This feels like a film Mr. Fishburne probably would have starred in, in his youth. Considering the cast involved this film should be much better then it is. They aren’t really given that much in the form of dimensions for characters.

It’s a shame that this is one of those High concept plotted films that could make a interesting big screen film, but feels like a b movie potboiler that is more at home making it’s premiere straight to dvd and/or Cable. The big names Deserve better roles then they have here and the up and comers. Who work out in the leads but shouldn’t be playing stock characters so early in their careers.

I wish we could have seen this cast in the film TAKERS and the cast of takers in this film instead as this film isn’t exactly rich with ideas or situations. This film has only one female speaking role. So this is more of a man’s only film.

The script could have been a lot better. If you are going to limit the action there should be more great dialogue and story or something or somebody to focus on. To take us out of the claustrophobic atmosphere by being interesting. Or add story to make this situation more intense and make the audience feel it.

Maybe tighten the claustrophobic atmosphere so they each must act in their own interests faster. Maybe make the character older so that these are his friend more or less that turn on him. Instead of just being the new guy in need of money and a steady job.



Directed By: Guy Ritchie 
Written by Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson & Marn Davies 
Based on the film “LE CONVEOYEUR” Written By: Nicolas Boukhrief & Eric Basnard
Cinematography: Alan Stewart 
Editor: James Herbert 

Cast: Jason Statham, Josh Hartnett, Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, Andy Garcia, Scott Eastwood, Rocci Williams, Laz Alonzo, Eddie Marsan, Raul Castillo, Chris Reilly, Niamh Alger, Rob Delaney, Darell D’Silva, Deobia Oparei, Babs Olussanmokun 

Mysterious and wild-eyed, a new security guard for a cash truck surprises his co-workers when he unleashes precision skills during a heist. The crew is left wondering who he is and where he came from. Soon, the marksman’s ultimate motive becomes clear as he takes dramatic and irrevocable steps to settle a score.

I didn’t know this was an American remake of a French film named CASH TRUCK. Which I haven’t seen, but even if a remake of this film is well done 

This is pretty much your typical Jason Statham action movie. It’s ridiculous if you think too hard about it. Only this one has a lot less comedy and winking at the audience.

This is more hard-hitting even though buried in it is a revenge story. It’s a GOOD popcorn movie that keeps you entertained and emotionally interests you.

One of the reasons that this film might be a cut above. It is a reunion for director Guy Ritchie and star Jason Statham. As they have made a movie together since REVOLVER in 2005, which bombed pretty heavy 

Here they both are in and out of their element just as darkly violent as their previous gangster movies, but this one is more conventional. Less interesting characters but still loaded with nicknames and again very little humor. Making every scene feel serious.

While at first, it might seem like a setback for Ritchie. Coming off his rather fantastic crime-action comedy THE GENTLEMAN. To do this which at first seems more like a basic studio job that feels a little beneath him at the moment, but he fills the film with his brand of Testosterone and mild quirks 

What also helps the film is partially explaining and humanizing the villains. Showing the team isn’t necessarily heartless. More doing what they have to do and while absolving the one member of his unnecessary act. They are just as guilty for not punishing and seeking retribution. Especially in the final act where they seem more heartless.

They also remind one of the criminal crew from the film GANG OF THIEVES. Where we get to see them in normal Life and acknowledge they have families and are doing this for compensations and the thrill after being grounded from the military

The film offers very few surprises but it presents the elements of the story in an interesting way that keeps you invested. Even pretty early they show the audience and the characters that Statham’s Character is badass and hard to stop. 

This film makes him come off as more ruthless than usual. As here he is more dead-eyed and less jolly. He is downright scary in this film. He also still looks good even in his minimalist wardrobe.

It seems to get that out of the way early so that the film can eventually offer other plot points and history of the characters and situations that have led to the current problem. 

While at the same time presenting the problems they are mounting for one another. 

I can admit I wasn’t thinking this would be as good as it is when first seeing the trailer. I can call this film a welcome surprise. It doesn’t rewrite the rules or anything, but if looking for a good action thriller. This one’s for you 

Grade: B

JOLT (2021)

Directed by: Tanya Wexler
Written By: Scott Wascha 
Cinematography: Jules O’Loughlin
Editor: Michael J. Duthie & Carsten Kurpanek

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Bobby Cannavale, Laverne Cox, Jai Courtney, Stanley Tucci, Susan Sarandon, Ori Pfeffer, David Bradley, Lewis Bray 

A bouncer with a slightly murderous anger-management problem that she controls with the help of an electrode-lined vest she uses to shock herself back to normalcy whenever she gets homicidal. After the first guy she’s ever fallen for is murdered, she goes on a revenge-fueled rampage to find the killer while the cops pursue her as their chief suspect.

This film Has a high concept but isn’t very inspired nor does it feel like it has many high stakes. 

It might remind the audience of the recent female-driven action film GUNPOWDER MILKSHAKE. While both are over the top in places. This film feels like it has less waste and is less flashy. 

As it is not as intense and is smaller scale, but enjoyable. Even if it comes off as more common and less ridiculous. It offers plenty of action that is of the hand-to-hand quality more.

As the film is driven by a mystery only the lead seems to care about. Though we in the audience don’t understand much. It seems more needed just for the story to move forward. 

Also with this message film, each bigger name or recognizable cast member actually has something to do and a reason to be here. In other words, less like money is being thrown at whatever problems the film might have to distract from its shortcomings. 

There is nothing too memorable in the film. It’s good popcorn entertainment. Not necessarily polished and pretty basic. Though it tries to add intrigue. 

Happy to see Kate Beckinsale in an action-oriented film again. Though this film works with fewer weapons and firepower. As well as giving the character a problem that works as a superpower but keeping the film from going down that road.

A sustainable high concept modest action movie with a central star performance and vehicle for them. 

Grade: C


Directed By: Derrick Borte 
Written By: Carl Ellsworth
Cinematography: Brendan Galvin 
Editor: Michael McCusker, Steve Mirkovich & Tim Mirkovich 

Cast: Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius, Jimmi Simpson, Gabriel Bateman, Austin P. McKenzie, Juliene Joyner, Stephen Louis Grush, Anne Leighton

A divorced mother honks impatiently at a deranged middle-aged stranger at a red light while running late on her way to work. His road rage escalates to horrifyingly psychotic proportions as he becomes single-mindedly determined to teach her a deadly lesson for provoking him.

How the mighty have fallen. This is purely a star vehicle gig for Russell Crowe. Who instead of being the hero is more the unstoppable and unstable villain.

Who is clearly a psycho from the first scene only set off by a case of road rage. 

The shock of seeing Crowe once svelte and muscular packed on so much weight might seem to make him seem manageable but actually makes him much more threatening. As his size shows that he can easily overpower and outweigh others.

He comes across as the human embodiment of jaws. As he is just as vicious and menacing only we see him throughout.

What this film seems to take delight in are violence and punishment. As he takes it upon himself to exterminate all those who the Main Character his victim holds dear and he doesn’t seem to care who sees him or knows.

His character seems to be especially vicious or at least more joyful when it comes to the battering of women in this film, which the film doesn’t hold back from. Though he is pretty much that way towards all who cross his path. It is just more shocking when he is attacking the female characters.

The film plays pretty basic so that the only thing of note is the star and the violence. While watching it. It reminds the audience of films such as KIDNAP or THE CALL with Halle berry. Where the films seem made more to keep them relevant at the box office but are so familiar they offer nothing original. Except for basic bonehead thrillers for a new generation. 

The types of films they make hoping it will make a quick buck at the box office that weekend and offer an alternative to whatever blockbuster comes out that weekend.

What the film does have also going for it is that it is one of the few mid-budgeted films being made. Which is an increasing rarity these days.

This is a good enough movie. That will keep you entertained while you watch it and continuously roll your eyes. Though as soon as it is over you will begin to forget it. 

Grade: D+


Directed by: Mark Buntzman 
Written By: Mark Buntzman & William Sachs 
Cinematography: Bob Baldwin & Joseph Mangine 
Editor: Marcos Manton, George Norris & Florent Retz 

Cast: Robert Ginty, Mario Van Peebles, Frankie Faison, Deborah Geffner, Scott Randolf, Ayre Gross, Reggie Rock Bythewood, Bruce Smolanoff, Irwin Keyes 

The flamethrower-wielding vigilante John Eastland returns to rid New York City of a drug lord and his gang.

The exterminator returns. This is basically a revenge movie and vigilante movie rolled into one. Not that the film is supposed to be taken all that seriously. As it seems more an action film of the times that tries to be exploitive but forgets in all ways. That seems to want to try to be more mainstream. Which then takes out most of what made the first film stand out in the first place.

At least the first film had a kind of grindhouse style that fit its Time period that made it somewhat watchable.

This movie goes with the times and the ridiculous fashions and styles of the time. It’s Mainly noteworthy for having a young Mario Van Peebles play the villain, a gang leader who dresses like he is in Mad Max. While his goons all seem to be some kind of punk rockers or backup dancers from a music video who try to look urban. 

While the film is violent it’s Not as creative with its Kills and the violence where seems more gratuitous for no reason that comes across as exploitive.

At least here the lead has a sidekick and they give him A Love interest. And a sex scene. Which here just seems more like. Reason to have some nudity in the film. Whose victimization gives him A target for his anger. 

Out of this series at least when presenting a hero he isn’t some Kind of heroic figure or even that skilled just a Vietnam vet who knows his way around weapons. No hand-to-hand combat, just strictly strike and kill. 

There is an ending but it’s Not necessarily happy for anyone. The problem is that as with most sequels this continues the protagonist’s adventures but comes off generic rather than inventive. 

It’s fun to see character actors in various roles throughout before they went onto bigger and better things but that is the only joy that the film brings to mind.

Grade: D

MA MERE (2004)

Written & Directed By: Christophe Honore
Based On The Novel By: Goeroges Bastille
Cinematography By: Helene Louvart
Editor: Chantal Hymans

Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Louis Garrel, Emma de Caunes, Joana Preiss, Jean-Baptiste Montagut, Dominique Reymond

Pierre, a youth, comes from his grandmother’s in France to stay with his parents in the Canary Islands. His father talks oddly about his lost youth and leaves abruptly for France. Mom promises to take Pierre to a nightclub, remarking that people will think he’s her lover. He prays. His father dies in France, and his mother wants him to empty his father’s office; Pierre finds it full of pornography. His mother takes him in tow into a night world without morality, a world of sexual exploitation, exhibitionism, and wildness. What will Pierre make of this, and what, ultimately, will he make of his mother?

Rated NC-!7

Is it art or is it pornography? Hobos to say, but this is a bad film that the only reason to watch the film is to see the beautiful euro-trash females in the hide and in sex scenes that seem realistic.

I just can’t get into a film about a mother and son who feel sexual feelings for each other. But don’t act on them.

The film is certainly erotic and has plenty of fetishes for the characters to act on and live out. As we watch the characters on their increasingly ridiculous erotic adventures.

From here on are spoilers. As this film is one you would watch more as an x-rated porn film than an actual art film. At least in my opinion as the film seems like those that as a child I would watch on cable dubbed never really knowing or paying too close attention to the plot. Though knowing nudity was involved and just sitting through the sort to get to the sex and nudity. The rest of the film feeling like filler. Now as a teen that was great, but now as an adult while it brings back a certain nostalgia. If that is all the film is really about it is disappointing or should have advertised that fact originally. Especially with such major actors cast in the film.

The story is about a son who comes home from boarding school after the death of his father. His mother, now a widow starts hanging out with some Eurotrash women, and together, they go out at night, seduce and prostitute themselves. Then the Eurotrash friend seduces the sexually frustrated son. That the film lets us know is sexually Frustrated by showing him constantly masturbating to his father’s porn collection. Not only does she seduce him. She has sex with him in public, then participates in an orgy with him. Which his mother constantly watches him and her and then actually congratulates him after. Then his mother leaves him. So he and a new girl he has met at the orgy and his mother has left him with start To date and have more adventures.

Major spoilers

The rest of the film involves beating a man half to death with a riding crop in as an S & M game. A man masturbating to his mother’s corpse. The mother slicing her own throat while giving her son a hand job.

End major spoiler

I’m sorry I just really couldn’t get into this film. I just don’t want anyone to has to sit through this film expecting something that is never coming. It was more like porn with a plot that had to include every fetish to appeal to every market out there.

This movie is based on a book. Why would anyone want to make it into a film? Maybe it sounded better on paper than it is in live-action. I don’t have European sensibilities. I’m just an ignorant American. So I don’t have too much Of an opinion on it.

For those of you who insist on sitting through it. Just to see if you can make it to the en as some kind of endurance test, why? You paid to see this for some kind of entertainment or at least to e intrigued.

I can admit the women in this film are fetching, but be warned there are not really three women to look at.

One of the problems with reviews in foreign films at times is that since they are in another language, a language you don’t really speak. Is that it is harder to tell if the acting is really good or bad. You just assume they are doing a good job as they seem believable with the text on the bottom of the screen. Or you go by the way they are saying things and the physicality.

Half the time you are reading subtitles so you look up after and may have missed a subtlety or a shot.

I give Isabelle Huppert credit as he mashes I keep her head held high and comes out of the film unscathed.

If you are looking for what amounts to erotic porn rent it. If not skip it.

 Grade: D


Written & Directed By: Alex Noyer 
Cinematography: Danube Qin Wu 
Editor: Hannigan Aukia & Virtti Virkajarvi 

Cast: Jasmin Savoy Brown, Lili Simmons, James Jagger, Tessa Munro, Dana L. Wilson 

Alexis recovered her hearing during the brutal murder of her family when she was ten. The visceral experience awakened synesthetic abilities in her and started her on an orphaned path of self-discovery through the healing music of brutal violence. She goes on to pursue a career teaching and experimenting to find new sounds. She is supported and loved by her roommate Marie who is unaware of the dark secrets behind Alexis’ unique music and the part she unknowingly plays. Faced with the likelihood of losing her hearing again, Alexis escalates the pursuit of her masterpiece through gruesome sound experiments and devastating designs. She won’t let anything stop her not even love.

The film sets itself up quite nicely as far as the story goes though it seems more interested in Detailing the kills and deaths than working on human emotions and connections.

As the main character is diabolical when it comes to kills to the point that she could easily be the next saw villain that is how intricate her traps abs weapons are, though instead of seconding to be a moral judge or leaving the victims fate up to a game fo chance. 

She is more a killer who gets off on their deaths for a personal addiction. Where she sees music and colors and it gives her a kind of high that she can’t get enough of 

Her time period and the events move up as she realizes she is losing her hearing again and must complete her masterpiece before she is totally deaf again.

She is an Audio engineer though it never explains quite how she picked up these other seemingly gifted engineering skills when. It comes to building her devices of death.

The film also seems to almost make it seem like her killing. Is hereditary when her father massacres the family earlier even though it seems more his killing was done after a mental break after fighting overseas in the military. 

Though then again being introduced early to death and murder might just be ingrained for her. 

Though the film seems to only want to bring. Up her emotional connections or some relatively basic actions into the film And make them more important or prevalent when the film needs these points to continue the storyline. To make the film appear to age. More depth and convention. Towards the second. Half of the film.

As so revealed she has been doing this most of her life we only know of a few incidents. Though learn that she did it while in foster care and not as a survival mechanism but just like at the beginning of the film as kind of something that makes her happy and lets her have a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Not to mention it seems like most are attracted to her best friend in the film played by Lili Simmons as even the detective at the crime scene sort of seems to go out of her way to give her her card and really wants to talk to her about the case or anything else. 

Also find it hard to believe that in all her killings no one was attracted to her in her more normal mode with a few of her eccentricities. As once she and her friend reveal they kind of have feelings for one another it’s supposed to come as a surprise even though they have been having a clearly platonic yet intimate relationship throughout. That could have easily been another example of everything being done out of frustration for unrequited love. 

Where in fact she seems to hold out her cruelest punishment for the one person she loves and uses her to present and be her final masterpiece.

It would be easy to also attack the film for its protagonist to be a crazed minority and homosexual but the latter is only revealed in a later scene and the kills don’t seem dependent on that fact they are just who she is naturally and a disturbing homicidal   trait that just so happens to be there 

It’s a shame as the film does have promise and really wanted to like the film though at first the film seems a bit slow to get to its point then becomes more the audience waiting for her to strike next. Though soon it seems like they might be all the film has to offer is these kinds of heightened kill scenes. So that it tries to have depth at times but begins to become more monotonous. When it has the makings of something of more substance. 

Not to mention it leaves quite a few questions. For instance, she says her family was murdered but we never see or even know the details of her brother’s death. 

Grade: C-


Directed by: Bennett Lasseter
Written By: Mitchell Winkie
Cinematography: Vincent Patin 
Editor: Robin Gonsalves 

Cast: Keean Johnson, Madeline Brewer, Bonnie Hunt, Ian Gomez, Rya Kihlstedt, Oliver Cooper, Carol Mansell, Emily Skeggs, Ariela Barer, Jake Weary 

Marcus, an audio-obsessed high school senior, learns he must undergo brain surgery that will render him deaf, and decides to seize control of his fate by recording the Ultimate Playlist of Noise.

As it goes down like a nice teen drama. It’s dramatic, funny, and heartwarming by the end. If this wasn’t already a young adult novel, it should have been.

We watch the natural growing pains, trials, and tribulations that most of us go through. Only here the main character is kind of an obsessive nerd. Whose main interests are music and putting together playlists. 

Then his passions come together in a cute young lady who is a musician and sends his heart flutter. Which happens to come into His life when he has learned of a condition that will rob him of his hearing and separating him from his favorite thing music.

While the film plays on romance it also becomes a road trip movie. So we get the eccentric, strange whimsy of the characters and traveling.

What is refreshing about this film is that it’s not a typical love story. As it has romantic moves but cuts them short offering genuine surprises from where you might think some moments are going in a good way. Like him having his first kiss.

It does try to show the beauty in supposedly the mundane. 

The film is more about bonding with a stranger and becoming so close that you can open up to them. The story more or less comes across as one of the connections between two people and inspiring one another to go face their fears and also learn to accept things. Deal with them and learn to live with it.

Even if staying somewhat predictable story-wise. There will be love involved, not romantic and not the kind where even if there was it could save you from yourself or help you outrun your problems. 

The film doesn’t offer a false or empty story. Where we are left to wonder what happens next or after that but should feel rest assured in just the here and now. 

Grade: B-


Written & Directed By: Nicholas Stoller 
Based on Characters Created by: Jason Segel
Cinematography: Robert D. Yeoman 
Editor: William Kerr & Michael L. Sale

Cast: Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Sean Combs, Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss, Colm Meaney, Aziz Ansari, Kali Hawk, Nick Kroll, Carla Gallo, Ellie Kemper, Jake Johnson, Davone McDonald, T.J. Miller, Neal Brennan, Kristen Schaal, Lindsey Broad, Carlos Jacott, Pharrell Williams, P!NK

A record company intern is hired to accompany out-of-control British rock star Aldous Snow to a concert at L.A.’s Greek Theater.

I remember loving this movie when it came out in theaters and being surprised at Its risqué drug humor at the time. That now seems to come along once in a while when a movie wants to be more lowbrow and challenging.

Recently rewatching this film. It still doubles down on Its shocking humor, but even as hard as it tries to be provocative. Now it seems more than ever to be reaching it. if letting it happen naturally. Which kind of weakens it.

It does stand up as a perfect time capsule of the trends of the time especially when it comes to the music industry. The film tries to make Russell Brand’s character more of a classic rock star but he still comes across as more of a forgettable star of the time period. Which only makes the film feel like a more artificial lake

This is one of the two Russel Brand performances that really took hold at the time. FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL is the other. Where his character Aldous Snow from this film was only a supporting character. Whose outrageous character stole the show. So this is his spin-off and the movie was supposed to make Brand a big comedic star In America. 

This film more shows his character’s downfall though ultimately was Brand’s one big hurrah at the box office. As he did a remake of the film ARTHUR and some smaller film roles and seems to have retired from comedy and acting.

Here his character seems inspired by brand’s public persona at the time and previously. Living a kind of debaucherous hedonistic extravagant exhibitionistic lifestyle. Which he has changed, now to a cleaner and focused one. So once again a time capsule to a precious time. 

Sean Combs does a serviceable job in his role as the record company owner. It’s nice to see him having fun with his public image and showing a sense of humor. Making the film even more meta. Though he still comes off stiff. It feels that if a more experienced actor had played the role. It feels as if the character would have more opportunities to be outrageous and unhinged, no holding back.  

Even as you would expect combs to be more natural. As he is playing a version of himself under a different name. Though he does bring more of an audience to the film. Who has come to see him be comedic.

The film leaves Jonah Hill with little to do to make an Impression other than playing the nebbish straight man and worrywart. Who ends up being punished for most of the film for the shenanigans of others. This comes off more like an acting performance than a comedic one or even having a comedic persona. 

This is definitely a hard R Rated film that shockingly holds back in showing anything that would feel exploitive but still a little shocked of the material used in such a mainstream aimed film. Mostly drug-related and sex Jokes but barely any real sex scenes and when there is they are obscured and no nudity.

There is plenty of inspired humor and shocks but somehow anytime it seems to aim for audacious. It ends up mediocre. It comes off that way. So that it feels watered down or at least played by numbers at times. It also comes off as a film where you want to live out the film rather than watch it. As it seems to offer wishes it just can’t grant.

This is a film that is probably better and funnier under the influence. 



Directed by: Marc Levin 
Written by: Danny Hoch, Garth Belcon, Marc Levin & Richard Stratton 
Story By: Danny Hoch & Garth Belcon 
Cinematography: Mark Benjamin 
Editor: Emir Lewis 

Cast: Danny Hoch, Dash Mihok, Mark Webber, Piper Perabo, Eugene Byrd, Lisa Jane Todd, Bonz Malone, Reno Wilson, Jaqueline Williams, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Kim Wozencraft, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Fat Joe, Dead Prez

In a virtually all-white Iowa town, Flip daydreams of being a hip-hop star,. He practices in front of a mirror and with his two pals, James and Trevor. He talks Black slang, he dresses Black. He’s also a wannabe pusher, selling flour as cocaine. And while he talks about “keeping it real,” he hardly notices real life around him: his father’s been laid off, his mother uses Food Stamps, his girlfriend is pregnant, James may be psychotic, one of his friends (one of the town’s few Black kids) is preparing for college, and, on a trip to Chicago to try to buy drugs, the cops shoot real bullets. What will it take for Flip to get real?

This feels like a film that tackles a cultural phenomenon movement but feels a little late. So it also feels stale and a bit out of step. 

While it offers lead actor (and Co-Writer) Danny Hoch a cumulation of his work (as a Caucasian obsessed with the stereotypes of African Americans and their culture) even as he looks too old to play the lead role of a teenager just beginning his post-high school life. 

The same when it comes to dash Mihok even though a little closer to the right age, but it becomes more obvious their age when next to Mark Webber, who actually still looks like a teenager. 

The film starts off being more satirical before becoming more dramatic and serious in the third act. Where it tries suspense and ends in violence. When due to that violence characters finally break out of their fantasy and reveal themselves good and bad as one shows his racism, but it finally adds the edge the film seeks.

As before the third act, the film jumps from Social realism where we laugh at the characters to more juvenile comedy that comes off as goofy. 

This was director Marc Levin’s next film after the Sundance award-winner SLAM. Like that film this film stays rooted in African American culture but whereas that film felt artistic. Even though it was independent also. This seems to go more for a mainstream audience. As well as taking on the story more from a Caucasian point of view trying to look in.

Soon the way to its inevitable end. It tries to provide insight but can’t help but feel a bit preachy while sticking to its small-town roots.

It seems to want to play into its own fantasy world.

Maybe if the film stayed with the character base and let the comedy come naturally from there and their ridiculousness. This film could have been stronger.

As it tries to present a microcosm it doesn’t offer up anything to say. So that it seems like posturing while presenting a subject that seems more comedic and like a news report that never probes any deeper. 

It might have been more interesting if the film opened itself up and explored other characters a little more than the less. Working fine when it decides that I have more of a plot. While it tries to offer insight. It just feels stale and where it’s missing some points

Grade: C