LAMB (2021)

Directed By: Vladimar Johannson 
Written By: Vladimar Johnannson & Sjon 
Cinematography: Eli Arenson 
Editor: Agnieszka Glinska 

Cast: Noomi Rapace, Hilmir Snaer Guonason, Bjorn Hlymur Haraldsson 

A childless couple discovers a mysterious newborn on their farm in Iceland.

The film offers beautiful imagery and breathtaking landscapes that help set the mood of isolation and a  surreal story.

The film’s tone stays desolate and dry. So that while you might believe it to be a horror film at first. It goes more into fantasy and even some folklore.

It ends up being more of a domestic drama with an unforgettable ending as it builds an atmosphere and world around it. That offers very few answers or information and leaves quite a few questions of its own 

The film is surprisingly filled with tension at times and leaves itself heartbreaking. Though through it all the film is more than just its setup and premise. 

One can look at the story as one of Mother Nature offering a gift and if you betray her she will take retribution. As it seems to be in human nature to take things that we might believe belong to nature and think of ourselves as better than Nature and what we see as wildlife. Animals, Mammals as that is what also lead us to destroy our surroundings and in essence us or each other.

Can be seen as a kind of gentrification tale told by those in power. Who choose to take away from those who they feel are either lower class than them or who they see as not appreciating what they have the right way and that they know the right way to improve it. As they take what is special as their own. Leaving the youth confused about going against nature.

Those who are expecting or wanting a return are eliminated and seen as the enemy and made out to be evil. Even when they are seeking justice or when vengeance comes

Their reach might be over. But finally can understand the reasoning.

Noomi Rapace is on a roll this year with this film And the film THE TRIP. She is an actress who can say more with a look than with pages full Of dialogue. There aren’t a lot Of here. 

Grade: B-

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