LUCKY (2011)

Directed By: Gil Cates Jr.
Written By: Kent Sublette
Cinematography: Darren Genet
Editor: Gregory Plotkin 

Cast: Colin Hanks, Ari Graynor, Ann-Margaret, Jeffrey Tambor, Mimi Rogers, Allison Mackie, Tom Amendes, Adam J. Harrington 

A wannabe serial killer wins the lottery and pursues his lifelong crush.

The film gives star Ari Graynor a good role to excel in but the character seems to be more of a sketch of a character only theft to fulfill a purpose than a full-blooded human character. The film also lets her down by not riding to the strength of her performance.

The film is a black comedy that has a light tone and makes the film off-putting to the audience.

Second to Ari Graynor in the film is Ann Margaret as a mother who might know more than she lets on, she is still a screen presence and steals her scenes. 

The film has a lot of opportunities to make detours that might have given the film a greater impact or opened up more comedic moments.

Graynor injects the role with so much gravitas she is so over-the-top comedic in certain scenes that it makes the material almost come across as a spoof, but she is such an engaging actress you can’t take your eyes off of her. Especially as her character slowly starts to lose it.

At least the protagonist’s issues are suitably explained and at heart, there is a love story of two people learning to get past each other’s dysfunctions. In a more extreme manner.

The film doesn’t take its Comedy totally from cruelty and graphic violence. We are spared the violence of the murders.

The film just feels like it is missing an ingredient. That you can’t exactly put your finger on. That would make the film feel more complete and memorable. As it has the material 


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