Directed By: Robert Vincent O’Neil
Written By: Robert Vincent O’Neil & Joseph M. Cala
Cinematography: Peter Lyons Collister 
Editor: John R. Bowey

Cast: Betsy Russell, Rory Calhoun, Susan Tyrell, Ossie Davis, Robert F. Lyons, Steven M. Porter, Paul Lambert, Barry Pearl, Frank Doubleday

Molly, the former prostitute, has managed to leave her street life with help from Lt. Andrews. She studies law and leads a normal life. When Andrews is killed by a brutal gang, she returns to the streets as Angel to find his killers.

Not surprising that this sequel pales in comparison to the first film. While not a classic at least was offbeat and had some originality.

This film comes across as trying to make everything bigger. Instead of one villain this time she and her friends are taking on a crime family ring.

Now the character is no longer a hooker but in law school and seeking revenge. Most of the actors come back from the original except the two leads. Where one is recast and killed in the opening minutes. This leads to the revenge story. 

The lead this time is played by Betsy Russell and while appealing to the eyes. She doesn’t bring anything to the role. In fact, One misses Donna Wilkes, who played the role originally maybe it was that Russell had more box office appeal and recognizability 

The problem lies in that the first film’s side characters all added to the overall strangeness and humor of the first film. They added old-school charisma and personality and mostly stayed on the side as we got to know them. Which added to the first film’s charm.

This time around the surviving characters is brought into the action more and seem more equipped to handle the action. Whereas in the first film it was more random for them to get involved. Also since we know them from the first film. This time around they are barely developed before just coming out and chasing or shooting.

So while it’s nice to see the veterans in the cast that is all that there is. As of so far, I haven’t seen the other films In the franchise. After watching the first film I felt a little encouraged to continue. This one was written and directed by the director of the first film. Makes me feel like one has seen enough of Angel and her friends continue their adventure.

As it isn’t even fascinating or fun in a 1980’a cheesy or exploitation way. It just comes off as bad and overblown for no real reason. It feels more of chasing in. Rather than have a natural purpose or real story. As it is much less a continuation rather than franchising. 

Grade: F

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