Directed By: Alain Corneau 
Written By: Alain Corneau & Nathalie Carter 
Cinematography By: Yves Angelo 
Editor: Thierry Derocles 

 Cast: Ludvine Sagnier, Kristen Scott Thomas

Ruthless executive Christine brings on Isabelle as her assistant, and she takes delight in toying with the young woman’s innocence. But when the protégé’s ideas become tempting enough for Christine to pass on as her own, she underestimates Isabelle’s ambition and cunning and the ground is set for all-out war. 

Even after watching the film haunts you. The characters and the images. It is predictable, but then throws quite a few twists at different times to keep you off its trail. Like a Hitchcock thriller that is not as concerned with shocks as with the story. It looks rather plain and matter of fact. Yet sharp that as the film progresses. 

Its story takes center stage and makes you focus on it and the actions of its characters. Though I find this film perfect. It is a film I would love to one day make a remake of only to pay tribute to the film and help it be discovered by more people. It seems Brian Depalma has beaten me to it. 

it’s a beautiful film that is no-frills at times it is minimal, but a film you must pay attention to through it.It constantly drops clues to remind you of things that you may have forgotten or inform you of details not previously shown. Even once you think it is over, the film throws another shock at you. Not like a horror film. But something a little more disturbing. 

 Ludvine Sagnier Lights up the screen. Her performance is amazing. As she is put through the wringer, She has a deadly innocence about her. She has an angelic look as she at first is a meek victim. Then becomes a fighter as the film moves along. It’s nice to see her play more than the sexy roles she constantly gets. 

 At first, I thought the film would be about power and office politics, Dirty Tricks. A battle of female empowerment. Then it becomes a crime thriller than an innocent proving film against time. 

Kristin Scott Thomas is English but speaks fluent french. That makes you believe she is a natural-born French woman.  

Everything about this movie is so shiny and clean. Like the directing and acting. The film is finely polished. I watched it on a whim and am glad about what we get in return. 


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