Written & Directed By: Issac Ezban 
Cinematography By: Isi Sarfati 
Editor: Oscar Figueroa 

Cast: Luis Alberti, Carmen Beato, Fernando Becceril, Humberto Busto, Cassandra Ciangherotti  
On the rainy night of October 2, 1968, eight characters waiting on a remote bus station for a bus heading to Mexico City start experiencing a strange phenomenon.

The film is like a twilight zone episode made into a feature-length film. Heavy on mood and atmosphere.

The film feels like its own spin on one of the tales of THE TWILIGHT ZONE movie and a lot more ominous. This is a good piece of filmmaking. That moves along nicely for the audience and doesn’t leave them Confused. It feels more like a retro dream. Though eventually becomes more like a nightmare.

The film plays more like an OUTER LIMITS episode rather than a TWILIGHT ZONE one which most people will say it is. Only in feature-length form. As there is really no irony and the film at least tries to explain its far-out situation and accepts it. Not leaving you around waiting for some twist or allegory on the human condition or sociology.

Even if the film seems inspired by a particular episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. That actually became part of the movie spin-off of the show It’s like a 1950’s movie as it takes place in one location. Making the film automatically claustrophobic, but so much happens that it feels so vast and open. Even though most stay in the same room you can always see them somewhere. Except when it is time to make a big reveal.

The film becomes more interesting as it goes along. As the mystery deepens. That plays in homage to classic horror films of the ’50s. Relying more on momentary thrills and revelations. Rather than monsters. But with plenty of advanced modern special effects. Those are impressive yet rudimentary in use. Especially for the time period represented.

The filmmaking is what you will come away with rather than necessarily the plot.

It also seems very influenced by pop culture Sci-fi. From literature, television, and film, Especially Stephen King

The first film in Mexico and Latinamerica that was shot with the new Red Camera sensor (the Red Epic DRAGON) although, since this camera would give great quality and sharpness to the image but the film is a period piece and takes place in the ’60s, Director of Photography Isi Sarfati decided to use a lot of filters to make the image look like something out of a 60’s film, as director Isaac Ezban had envisioned. The voice-over used doesn’t help necessarily explain anything.

The filmmaking here is more imaginative than exciting. So the more the film explains it. The more there is to marvel at and be amazed by. As it is immersed, presented, and filmed in such a way for as smart as it is. It never quite lives up to the promise of the higher level it seems to want to work at. Especially by the end it just becomes too familiar. Almost betraying the promise it once had.

Grade: B

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