This season shows a natural growth for the characters humanizing them more especially characters who had only been types of comedic stand-in’s. So that it reminds the audience of a similar process in ORANGE IS THE BEW BLACK.

Where each season we got to know certain characters that revealed depth usually through flashbacks.

As many characters This season seem to be growing and getting more serious plots and issues are raised, Even bash usually used for a comedic foil even gets in in the drama while also becoming a little villainous in his greed.

The Sam and Ruth storyline I can see why it is here. As it helps illustrate her needs and insecurity This season, but also feels ill timed. As over the seasons we could feel the chemistry and attraction. We knew it would come but it feels too soon for them to acknowledge it. Throwing the season off a bit. Then again as another season isn’t promised it might have been the end time for them if ever.

Not to mention maybe speeding up helps some customers corn around. Just as this season sex and nudity make a return that felt absent last season. Still not as much as season 1

Alison Brie still seems to have the strongest yet most brittle character in television. Yet she still looks amazing. How Marc Maron hasn’t won an Emmy in this role can only be because most see him naturally in that role it feel it’s not too far fro. His actual personality. Sam’s heart attack hopefully will play out more serious in the future. As it was a dramatic point this season but ultimately didn’t really Go anywhere.

When hearing Debbie’s age of 32. look no disrespect to Betty Gilpin but she looks a bit older then that.

It’s An interesting season starting off at the casino and staging glow as a stage show allows for the show to focus on their personal lives a bit more than the production of the stage show. Though for some, it felt like at times they were reaching when it came to certain characters. Having Geena Davis amongst the cast works as stunt guest starring as she had a role very little to do but made her mark and has an easy out.

This season seems to be about redefinition just as the characters try out different wrestling personas more like switching of identities a bit. So do the characters when it comes to their initial focus. They seem to change their minds to a certain degree about their goals bigger and better for some Just different for others. As just as their stage show and surroundings gets too familiar by the end they don’t know what their futures will be. They must know it will be different from what it is at that point. As the show has already let them have more then they ever expected.

The character of Melrose finally gets some depth as she slowly learns about friendship and strangely prejudice. An official coming out of a character. As well as Bash exploring or us finally wing exposed to his sexuality. They finally give Rhonda (played by singer-songwriter Kate Nash) even gets her fair share of drama even though before she was always just some girlfriend. Here she is just some wife but yields a little more Peoria and strength while being confused.

They give Cherry a subplot about a gambling problem and owing money more as her grief to a revelation and fight with her husband. Not to mention this season more or less makes and exposes Russell. That makes him seem he was a writers invention just for tension as the More seems a distraction for Ruth. Not to admit her true feelings for sam and to have someone more age appropriate and as a sexual partner/prop

There is A Little less Sam in the early episodes which introduces something then drops it which makes us wonder was this planting seeds to something More serious in future seasons?

It feels like ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, where each season we get to the backstory or many different characters to deepen them. Make the show robust but takes away some mystery or makes the Continuing adventure feels like filler or repeats, though nothing feels that deep even as events keep happening that are meant to effect and deepen the stories. It just seems that in this season wanting to give everyone a platform or some kind of forward momentum. Makes the shows seem like it’s Losing it’s Drive to a degree. As the show like most has a destination to get to,

Here it seems to go off road and take notice of It’s Surroundings while being distracted then reminded it has to finish. Which it does in a satisfying manner, but also seems like the calm before the storm to check in on all the characters. As next season might have ramifications that effect them all and want more of a reaction and see the consequences of it more.

It also makes a case for a better Season 4

Grade: B-

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