Originally written in November 2019

Just finished season 2 of COBRA KAI. All I can say is damn!!!!!!!! Now that’s an ending and a cliff hanger. #Highlyrecommended especially if ever a fan of THE KARATE KID

This show how amazed me as each new episode feels like a new chapter in the continuing story. Which a show should feel like. Even though some episodes aren’t as strong they keep adding to either the plot or the characters. While the show tries to provide a kind of shifting morals and how in doing what is seen as the right thing can cost you. Just as for the sake of confidence you still have to be careful and somewhat humble. Yes I will admit there is a certain nostalgia when it comes to this series and the series of films, but also it gives off a feeling of safety and warmth. Yes even though it’s a show that heavenly features martial arts. Which it also tries to teach about responsibility. Even if not always a happy ending it manages to leave you with a smile on your face. As you delve deeper.

This is the perfect show it seems for teenagers as it shows the trials and tribulations in a cleaner way then the reality and nihilistic but still good EUPHORIA. This is a more sanitized version that allows for naughty language and behavior but isn’t preaching against it and deals with it in a simpler way that still feels like entertainment but you learn to care. As we watch stories of trust, love, friendship and the same old Romantic rivalries. As Miyagi do builds it’s army of supposedly more open minded and liberal students. Who are in it more the art and lessons. It so much the discipline. Even making side character Eli more a regular this season. Though still waiting for the character of Ayisha to have a story or at least finally make a decision as to who to be more loyal to.

As most characters aren’t purely good or evil. We are allowed to see them vulnerable as well as wicked, wrong. Right, good, bad, tough and actually remorseful. While still at the core being powered by the rivalry and misunderstandings of Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence as they grow as characters yet still come back to a stale mate and vendetta against one another.

Not only in mindset and personal belief but also in lessons. Even though they have the same characteristics and a shared history. What the show has always been built on and still excels at is showing a different point of view from what we believe we know or have learned. As it offers us a new way to look at actions and the repercussions to them. It also exposes that those we think of as right or heroes can be wrong and exhibit the worst decisions in action. As they seem to forget their own advice and mantra in order to survive or win.

Especially as a master stroke brining in Martin Kove as John Kreese. So that it feels like an almost complete reunion. Even keeping some Parts of Karate Kid 3 in the mix. As far as a shared history even bringing back Johnny original crew of friends from the first film and giving one cast member (who unfortunately died recently) a respectful send off and a last chance to play a role that defined him for many movie fans.

As well as being remembered as the bad ass best fighter of the bunch or at least the most dangerous when it came to plain old fighting vicious also the addition to the cast comedic relief of Paul Walter Hauser (BLACKK KLANSMAN, I TONYA) who had more of a bit role in season 1 who manages to always play somewhat villainous losers who are usually likeable because he seems to play them As hilarious.

As we watch the battle it seems for the souls of Miguel and Robbie. How one adult can be more accepting as he knows what it’s like to be more confused and in trouble. While the upstanding one claims to care and be the bigger man, but is willing to dump someone in their care at the first sign of trouble coming to close to his family. Looking more at his student as an ideal and project then a person.

While i won’t go as far as saying it Makes you look at the original or prequel films differently. It might give you more insight as far as the first film goes. The only minor critique is that when the characters get injuries the cuts and bruises look more well placed and like make-up. The last episode was so action packed and full Of angst and emotion it felt more like the movie HWASANGO (VOLCANO HIGH)

Hayden Schlossberg & Jon Hurwitz should be commended as they clearly show their love and respect for the material and the history of the film franchise. This shows they have come a long way from the HAROLD & KUMAR films. As here just like when working on AMERICAN REUNION,

They Show that they can add depth as well as entertainment to a series of films and characters they didn’t originate and hit all the notes. With more success here. As they not only build but further the tale to an almost epic feeling story that has taken on a life of it’s own.

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