Star Wars

I would like to say I am a later stage Star Wars fan.

I grew up watching the films and being a real big fan. I had the toys, the sheets and even read the comic books. It as I got older was still always a fan but then saw people who literally lived and breathed the films and knew my love for it was never that great. So over the years being a movie fan had my phases in other interests and always came back to cinema.

So later in life as the prequels hit and were disappointing to me. It did make me realize how much I still Loved the films and franchise or more the characters and how much the Jedi code had shaped me morally and in my passions. The Kevin smiths films also really helped awaken me to it. I can’t Say all the films are perfect or that I enjoyed how they turned out but I can’t exActly offer answers to how they can improve and just accept them for how they turned out.

It was the first time I had seen a world that was totally different than The one we lived in but was still live action. Not to mention most of the Mai. Characters looked human. So they were human inhabitants of a new or alien world. Sure it didn’t work when you think about physics but at that age you really aren’t considering that. You are too busy amazed by the spectacle. Sure super heroes had their realms but those always vaguely looked like places you knew existed like New York or California or the Midwest. A spaceship didn’t look like anything that was vaguely familiar. Maybe public transportation which also had creatures that looked new to you.

Which might be why this came along first over Star Trek. Though also Star Wars was more fun where as Star Trek was more intellectual.

I believe I am a fan of how powerful it became how so many are influenced and find community in them. Not to mention how so many can watch the same thing and get the same out of them but also watch them and get something diffee central stories and rent.

As well as watching the series change

Through so many hands and bring something different to the table. This cast galaxy far far away where anything can happen. Each story remains epic and told grandly while having little details that are relateable.

So while being futuristic or at least fantasy based and otherworldly. It still harkens back to the past of knights, Swordsman, princess’s medieval and mythology.

Only now at my age can I say fully that I am a fan but not fanatic. Maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia overall or just looking back at influences and motivations.

Not to mention the score which even if you Don’t Like the films Are instantly recognizable. Also great music and motivators. Trust me try working out to it.

It also just is a story that is relatable and shows people or makes them believe that no matter where they come from they can be whatever they want and try.

It is basically also the beginning of storytelling to me. As it has the classic story structure.

That is what also helped to build imagination. As there was no reference point so your imagination could go anywhere.

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