Directed By: Alan Metter 
Written By: Amy Spies 
Cinematography By: Thomas E. Ackerman 
Editor: Donald Rawlins & Lorenzo DeStefano 

Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, Shannen Doherty, Jonathan Silverman, Ed Lauter, Biff Yaeger, Ian Giatti, Holly Gagnier 

Janey is new in town, and soon meets Lynne, who shares her passion for dancing in general, and “Dance TV” in particular. When a competition is announced to find a new Dance TV regular couple, Janey and Lynne are determined to audition. The only problem is that Janey’s father doesn’t approve of that kind of thing. 

Based on the popular Cyndi Lauper hit song. That strangely isn’t used instead a cover version is.

This film is a perfect film for teenagers that parents will want them to watch as it is inoffensive and most of the trouble the characters get into is so innocent It’s almost cute. You don’t really have to edit this film much to broadcast it on television.

It tries to have more blue-collar characters versus the rich even though they all come from the suburbs, but it’s so easy to just make the villain a pampered rich girl that to Defeat. The protagonist as more working-class makes the divide and the lire of selling out so much more great.

Just like Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare the supporting characters are so much more interesting than the leads. Who strangely for a change really has very little angst and very little to actually rebel against.

As one would be more entertained by watching her best friend played by Helen Hunt and his best friend played by Jonathan Silverman romance one another them the two leads. That would have truly been different. One of the many early performances I remember her in even if Helen Hunt in this film looks a little long in the tooth but she gives the most fun performance throughout. I believe this might actually be my favorite performance of hers.

This is also an early role for Sarah Jessica parker who at this point I only remembered from SQUARE PEGS and FOOTLOOSE. Though for quite a while it was her definitive performance in my view until maybe L.A. STORY

One can admit this is not a good film but It’s thoroughly entertaining, but very 1980’s. This could easily be a cult classic which is Interesting because like most it didn’t start out trying to achieve that honor. Instead, it tries to track and include all of the fads of the time period.

The title of the film is based on the popular Cyndi Lauper hit song, but they couldn’t get the rights for her to sing it so they use a different vocalist and beat.

His father saying to forget his job when Faced with being fired unless his son throws the competition. Telling him if you can win this dance contest do it. Is a scene that means well but is hilarious to watch in all seriousness that it is intended

The fact that she never tells her father why she is sneaking out. This might help her and make things easier for her to go to dancing practice he may understand though he is strict it’s only dancing. Though then there would be no movie.

The 80’s cliche it the bad boy rebel who can dance immaculately well is one that strangely never caught on. His sister is played by a young Shannen Doherty. So this film is filled with plenty of child actors who amazed to gain life-long noted acting careers.

Co-star Holly Grangier is actually a trained dancer and did all of her own dancing.

Even the punks who crash and ruin the rich rivals debutante break into choreographed dancing. Through the close up’s slow mayhem and wild dancing throughout.

This movie is a trip but a worthwhile oddity to the collection.

Even though this movie can easily be seen as a cash in on Cyndi Lauper’s popular single and building a movie or story around it.

It’s ridiculous but fun and a pretty good representation of the theme of the song and the times it takes place in even if slightly toothless. It manages what it aims for and entertains It’s audience and luckily left an impression on them and a noted memory.

If I didn’t know better it seems like this type of innocence is what the Saturday morning show SAVED BY THE BELL aimed for

Kristi Somers was originally supposed to work only one day on this film. However, Director Alan Metter liked her performance so much, that a couple of additional scenes of her were added into the movie. This is one of her more legitimate movies and performances. As usually, her body of work was playing best friend happy characters who were sexy and usually bad influences in many T & A sex comedies of the ’80s. yet she was always someone to watch and enjoy as an actress also, even though she was usually topless.

I have a confession to make this film is a total guilty pleasure for me. I used to watch this all the time on cable and even had a taped version of it to watch.

This film continued my crush with Sarah Jessica Parker at the time. So it’s nice to see her be a child star who made it a life-long career. In movies, I first noticed her in FIRSTBORN, FOOTLOOSE and the television show SQUARE PEGS. Here she is rebellious against her father’s strictness but so cute and innocent and quite the dancer.

 Grade: B

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