Filmed three years ago, but only recently edited by the miracle maker filmmaker extraordinarie Andre Joseph.

We are proud to present FACE OFF


Due to many reasons depression, emotional distress, lack of confidence and plain ills laziness that is why took so long. I hope to not repeat this length without leaving you a dope beat to step to

While it is extremely short. I do consider it a short film even if some might more consider it a sketch And what I am writing is probably longer then the actual film in question.

I know it’s. It perfect and there is a lot to improve on, but I present it as it is the first film I made on my own not in collaboration when it came to the genesis of the project. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

It shows I have a lot of room to improve but also a kind of testament that shows i might have some talent and know somewhat what I am doing. Even if in this current creative hike where there are tons of content creators out there. Who seem to have grown up with technology and are Miles ahead and talented. There is room for many and hopefully my films and creations are seen and enjoyed. I hope they mean something to somebody other then just me. As this is all I have ever wanted to do. It takes confidence, passion talent, creativity, ideas, hard work and a strong work ethic.

I wish I was somebody that all of that came easy to and could be as productive as others. Though then again I have to be me.

It’s like an album where there are the big hits that younonwo but then there are thebother songs that are mroe known as filler or deep cuts (deep maybe as they have more meaning. Then the simplistic hits) they aren’t as loved as the hits but they are appreciated by true fans because it shows you are a fan of the band or artist, Not just their hits. Also in a strange way you need those deep cuts as they set an atmosphere and mood. Where by the time the album gets to the hit. It is the highlight and might be the energy or heart of the album, but a heart needs a body.

What I am trying to say is that while these are my early singles or maybe even demos. None are hits but hopefully they show an evolution. As I try to build a body of work or create a life. Not all world will be great but while they might not be vital organs. They are still Organs that help the body maintain and stay healthy. The hits (heart, brain, lungs etc) are coming

It just makes me feel a bit proud knowing I could do it. Making something with friends.

More to come… as far as projects and films not more writing about this.

Thank you for being in my little production.

Also trying to figure out if it is a skit which is how most will probably look at it. As it fits in my old wheelhouse only without me in it. It’s

Short and almost dialogue free. Comedic In texture and quick there is no three act structure. Plus can explain as a skit I can cover up mistakes and say it’s not supposed to be technically Proficient. I feel more that it is a short maybe it’s Me Being pretentious as I am not in it. Looking for art in something that is done so quick I mean the footage I had was up to 14 minutes and this is like 90 seconds with credits. Also as it is a beginning I might

Want to make it more important in my Mind as it is all I have to show even if not my best. It is a skit

Not to mention this is probably one of the few times not only working with others on camera. But all’s the least dialogue heavy of my ideas and writing. Trust me you’ll see in the future I am Long winded in my writing. Making the material take longer to play as I am mroe a dialogue person then maybe a visual person unless forced or experimenting

Maybe as this is one that is close to being cinematic in that there is more then one camera angle more than two. Apparently my limit was three here but that is more than usual and prettier things to look at

Looking at the cuts the silent unused version flows better as it comes off as magical with the score and shows that as a writer it is the first time any of my projects has had no heard dialogue and depends mroe on faces and physical action but the cut with the sound at the end helps punctuate the end with a sting.

Rather then just make it to seen like a well scored documentary moment of a sore loser. Though at heart I am a dialogue man. So unfortunately so much is actually said with the punchline then with action and silence.

As writing all of this makes it seem like a masterwork not a skit. Which i could see if this was an actual short film longer then 10 minutes, but even making skits i seem to be like Stanley Kubrick. Not the talent just the time taken in between projects and being a perfectionist to the point that I am either constantly disappointed in my own work for whatever reason or if I can’t get it to my specifications. I am willing to drop it.

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