The passing of Chadwick Boseman left us like many of you in shock. Maybe because he was so young and vibrant. He was a human being and actor and for many a kind of representation.

As terror and horrors of the world continue. Added to that time the loss of Chadwick Boseman. Who until the end always represented and acted as a beacon of hope and heroics. Always displaying grace, humbleness and strength. He just always came across as happy and thankful most of all.

The loss of him affects many of us as it feels like another tragedy.

We must remember what he stood for and that part of being a hero is inspiration.

As he leaves behind Hope and an example of what we could be and what this world could be. That is passion, love and hope that always survives.

WAKANDA FOREVER For those close they know what that term not only means, but how i define that term. As well as what it means for all of you. Same words different meanings. So not only how much that movie and performance meant to me. But also by the outpouring of so many others. How much he and that movie meant to them.

It feels personal like someone you onto meet recently. Passes so soon, yet they made their presence felt so strongly. Like they were in your life the whole time.

As truly he was part of black excellence and planted the seeds in children of what they can be and for adults provided what we never though we would see a pro-black hero in a superhero film that celebrated our heritage and culture. That was a hit he embodied that.

He showed for many of Us to be proud and can have a love of future and self. As well as a love of/for others.

As well as playing figures of black history who were icons and he played them so convincingly. His talents were off the charts. So that he made believers of us all. As he seemed to nail one of a kind characters ingrained into our memories and minds. So that in essence his presence is always felt somewhere.

He not only portrayed heroes and icons alike in films. He also seemed to live that way. So that he came across as a king in spirit and actions personally. Always full of promise and you can tell there was something special about him.

Even when facing his own peril he showed nothing but strength and kept moving forward. Leaving behind a legacy for himself and others.

Always check on those you love and are close to. You never know what they might be going through. Let people know how you feel about them while they are still here.

The show must go on despite the pain. Though never forgotten. Always there in memories.

Thank you for so many things. Our prayers and hearts go To you and your family for their loss. As if we feel this sad. You can only imagine how they are feeling the loss.










Rest In Peace. Young king, gone WAY too soon, but never forgotten


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