Directed By: Romain Gavras
Written By: Romain Gavras, Noe Debre & Karim Boukercha
Cinematography: Andre Chemetoff
Editor: Benjamin Weill
Music By: Jamie XX & SebastiAn

Cast: Karim Leklou, Oulaya Amamra, Isabelle Adjani, Vincent Cassel, Sam Spruell, Gabby Rose, Ladj Ly

A small-time dealer dreams of another life but can’t afford it. To escape, he must accept one last job involving Spain, drugs, the Illuminati and his overbearing mother.

This film is directed by Roman Gavras who has mostly directed music videos this is his second film and he brings his stylistic eye to this comedy of errors with an impressive soundtrack.

This is an offbeat french comedy caper film of an international criminal underworld that has plenty of style and that is worth checking out.

The opening scene shows the level of ridiculousness a skilled break in at an animal shelter to rescue a criminals dog and break him free to reunite with his owner who treats him more as a romantic partner who he fights with and becomes a bit above with later in the film.

The title is taken by a quote from the gangster movie SCARFACE. As everyone here want to live that kind of life. Our protagonists finds himself in it. Though he doesn’t want to be it is more out of necessity and how he was raised. As he and the film want to be Anti-Scarface as he dreams of legitimacy and a business. Getting out of the crime life, as he is so meek and too nice though has a great business mind. His lifelong criminal mother (played by Isabelle Adjani) who takes care of him and steals from him so that he has to stay in the lifestyle. As she always seems to both end up saving him but also sinking him into trouble soon enough. She Is one of his main weaknesses as is his returning crush.

He Never knows who to trust only one there for him no matter what. He is a criminal but gets taken advantage of as everyone around him Seems to be using him or another crook who only gets him in more trouble.

As the film goes along it shows the underground criminal life but doesn’t glamorize it. The film shows how tricky and silly it can be but does it stylistically.

The film has various colorful characters who keep the film lovely even as the protagonist is nice but kind of simple. We have the blonde hair dyed gang of Africans whom might remind some of the audience of the Goldilocks gang from METEOR MAN. He has his other’s ex lover yet his right hand man who is a conspiracy nut. All he has to deal with and go through to achieve common suburban dreams.

As so many see the gangster life as dangerous and glamorous he sees it as never ending and boring. He strives for more normalcy what others would find boring he sees as exciting and simple. Not having to be on guard all the time and never not Knowing who to trust.

The girl he is in love with is a moll Of sorts who constantly teases him. When she reveals herself we know what makes her tick, but she wants to be with him only when not only she can trust him but he is ready to be independent and grow up to a degree. Take care of himself and be responsible. As he always seems a victim to his friends or mother who wants to keep him subservant and a child practically. The love Interest is played by the gorgeous Oulaya Amamra here she is more than a pretty face she plays the character as calculating, smart and dangerous.

The scene where his love interest demands money for romance and sex. Shows she might be used to it, being passed around from one guy to the next who makes promises to take care of her. Just as long. As she stands by his side and looks pretty then gets left holding the bag in the end with nothing for herself to Hold onto. Finding herself at the beginning all over. So she uses men before they can use her totally. She is really testing him to see if he cares for her or more wants to live his fantasy with her. When he pays he fails and confirms her doubt. Though for him he does it to have his fantasy and in his mind make her happy and give her what she wants.

As when she opens up intimately he turns it to more sexual and she is willing to give him.

What he wants, but to protect herself she turns it into a financial transaction and is hurt ultimately that he did pay. Which makes her not trust him. For treating her like he will turn his back on her soon as she is not useful and eventually will think her as nothing but a whore. As all the men in her life offer her nothing but false promises.


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