Written & Directed By: Ole Bornedal
Cinematography By: Dan Laustsen
Editor: Anders Villadsen

Cast: Anders W. Berthelsen, Rebecka Hemse

Life in the suburbs as a father of two has worn down Jonas. When a victim of a car crash mistakes him for her boyfriend Sebastian, things take a very dramatic turn as the line between truth and deception is erased.

The film works as a film noir even though it doesn’t start out that way. It begins as a drama. Then all of a sudden it begins reinventing itself over and over until the end. The reason it closely resembles a film noir is that it has the elements such as Femme Fatale, Mistaken Identities, The Underworld and Mystery.

While the film is subdued after the first twist, it gets more tense and exciting. At certain points it is predictable but still arresting. The film has a European feel which makes sense as it is foreign.

This is director Ole Bornedal’s comeback. His first film of note since NIGHTWATCH and the forever delayed American remake of NIGHTWATCH. The camerawork and images are sharp and beautiful. It’s a good looking film, While also being a good film.

The concept is a middle-aged married man and who is a father. He witnesses a accident and falls in love with the young woman who was a victim in the accident. He comes to visit her everyday in the hospital while she is in a coma. The only way he can go in to see her is by saying that he is a family member, So he lies and says he is her fiancé Sebastian and the name she last said before going into the coma. I know it sounds like WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING but it gets a lot more dark and twisted as the story goes on.

For some reason as I watched this film I kept thinking this is one of the best Pedro Almodovar film he never made. The material is perfect for him although I’m sure he would have made the film more colorful. This is my first Ole Bornedal film. I hope he continues making more breathtaking films. I look forward to them in the future.

While I am enthusiastic for audiences to see this film. It’s not excellent but close to it and very good. It makes a good double feature with the film REVANCHE


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