Directed By: Troy Byer
Written By: Troy Byer & Michael Swerdlick
Based On The Screenplay “Can’t Buy Me Love” By: Michael Swerdlick
Cinematography: Chuck Cohen
Editor: David Codron 

Cast: Nick Cannon, Christina Milian, Steve Harvey, Kal Penn, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Kenan Thompson, Al Thompson, Sam Sarpong, Nichole Robinson, Melissa Schuman, Nicole Scherzinger, Dante Basco, Mayate Garcia, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Imani Clark 

A high school loser pays a cheerleader to pose as his girlfriend so he can be considered cool

This film is the more Modern black version of CAN’T BUY ME LOVE. That is noticeably lower budget and makes it look cheaper like a bad beginner music video.

So this is more an urban renewal of a popular classic teen movie of the 1980’s

The film co-stars two actor comedians that one personally is not a fan of and come off more repulsive than comedic in the film. So on that front it was hard to enjoy.

Nick Cannon seems to not really know how to play nerdy. As he doesn’t play the character as awkward but more as a child or a serial killer in training at first. As he comes off creepy and almost like an alien in tiebreaker words never quite close to realistic. He becomes more natural when his character becomes the cool guy. The film also tries hard to make him unattractive at first to the point of overkill.

Christina Milian is gorgeous here and shows off her more believable acting chops here. Where she truly seemed to begin to flaunt her sex appeal. While still having a kind of girl next door personality. Wish she played in more movies of quality and got the chance at better characters and material. As she usually lights up the screen. Most roles she is stuck playing but roles or supporting ones that are more one dimensional.

All the females in this movie look gorgeous. Almost too good looking like the school only has models going there. Though they aren’t my given much to play except for sex symbols and sirens. No real characters.

The film spotlights the lack of urban teen comedies of quality with more merit and originality as this seems more like a random cash in. That plays off of a hit single title at the time by Jennifer Lopez. At least this film is high spirited. It’s never quite as vivid or fun as a teen movie should be.

It’s pretty sex obsessed but never in a disgusting way as it easily could have gone. Just enough and not too juvenile more silly than anything else. As neither this or the film it is based on really examine the situations or the misogynistic nature of the deal and how it might come off to an audience.

What could have helped the film is a different lead. As the character could have been something more in an actor who has more charisma that makes you want to root for him. Rather then one you can tell is more acting and can’t wait to get to the more natural cool side. As this is more a role for a star with acting ability and who can be humble in a performance not always over the top. Most of the actors seem promising just need better material.

Al Thompson whose demeanor seems to be angry all the time is hard to see what made his character popular amongst his peers. When he seems ready to fight most of the time coming off more as a bully.

Steve Harvey as the father wanting to live out his old days through his son is supposed to be relateable but comes off more as a sad creepy pervert.

This movie in the end is not as good as TRIPPIN’ which also had so much more going for it.

While having a sweet romance eventually. Has a lot going Against it. As it tries to update material but not enough to feel fresh it outright original.


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