Directed By: Paul Bolger, Yvette Kaplan, Greg Tierman & Dino Athanassiou
Written By: Robert Moreland & Doug Langdale
Based on a story Idea By: Andre Sikojev
Cinematography: David Dulac
Editor: Ringo Waldenberger 

Cast: (Voices) Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, George Carlin, John Dimaggio, Andy Dick, Jill Talley, Tom Kenny, Sigourney Weaver, Wallace Shawn, Patrick Warburton, Jon Polito, Rob Paulsen 

As the story begins, an alliance of evil fairy tale-doers, led by Frieda, looks to take over Fairy Tale Land and take control of. But when Ella A.K.A. Cinderella realizes her own evil stepmother is out to ruin her storybook existence, she takes a dramatic turn and blossoms into the leader of the resistance effort.

This one isn’t worth it, even for children’s movies fans. Even worse for animation fans. As this film feels like a bad art school animated thesis.

The animation would maybe be satisfactory or good if this was the 1960’s but with all the technology and advancements that have happened here it just looks drab and It’s not an homage.

The voice acting is either badly directed or just bad. Not by The Whole cast but most of them, but then again the script doesn’t help. It feels written by writers trying to be witty and trying to deconstruct I own fairy tales and put a modern day spin on it.

It’s a shame as most of the voice talent are likable and recognizable. So the film has a bit of star power behind it.

One can applaud the attempt but it comes off rather simplistic. Like they had an idea but didn’t try very hard to expand upon it. Instead it they just went with the flow and ended up with the same old cliches. Which really doesn’t make the film too different from the fairy tales you’ve heard and learned.

Even the animation looks uninspired and too blocky. As it looks like it was animated in the 1990’s from a computer video game.

It’s like a remake with only a few difference but you sell it to the audience as new and revitalized. Just like that, this film feels like a con in general.

I don’t even think too many kids will enjoy this one. As it doesn’t feel fun it just feels like a rip off or more like a get rich quick scheme.


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