AD ASTRA (2019)


Directed By: James Gray
Written By: James Gray & Ethan Gross
Cinematography: Hoyte Van Hoytema
Editor: John Axelrod & Lee Haugen 

Cast: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, Ruth Negga, Kimberly Elise, Loren Dean, John Ortiz, Lisagay Hamilton, Liv Tyler, Natasha Lyonne, Sean Blakemore 

Astronaut Roy McBride travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet. His journey will uncover secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos.

Sometimes you are thankful for such elegant filmmaking. This is definitely a film to experience though also a polarizing film. Some will think it too slow and not enough action. Others will see it’s obvious beauty and be into it’s more cerebral approach.

Though quite vast practically using the galaxy as the background. The film still feels more personal rather than closed or shut off.

Though most of the film is watching brad Pitt and his inner monologue go through his emotions and daddy issues. As we watch his reactions while continuously looking out into the vastness of space. This is one of his more impressive roles. As there seems to be more soul searching here. Even as he always seems to be the smartest one in the film. As the film is built more around him. Making the film come off as an artistic star vehicles.

As little thrills Happen in this movie and his journey. This is definitely a sci-fi tale that resists explanation or finding excuses for everything around him in the form of everyday and advanced technology.

Brad Pitt’s character is supposedly our only hope. Though those in power seem to want to restrict him at the drop of a hat.

Though the film is less action based then most movies of it’s type would have made it. That is what might turn certain audience members off. As it seems more action oriented in trailers. It is more cerebral and visual.

Considering It’s Directed by James Gray that is not surprising. As he has a beautiful eye for detail and style. Most of his films are more meditative. Though for me at least this Is one of his more enjoyable films. As I haven’t been as mesmerized by one of his films as much since TWO LOVERS. A Melancholy hangs over this film like similar movies Brad Pitt has appeared in MONEYBALL, KILLING THEM SOFTLY, THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES. Like those this movie contains one of my favorite Brad Pitt performances. As he is finally working with director James Gray after usually producing his movies though never starring in them.

Working with a bigger budget and excess. The film still comes off as a More artistic science-fiction adventure more than action while Also engaging as a drama. It still feels more like a star vehicle

This film might remind some of INTERSTELLAR yet this Film comes off as more emotional and not as conventional.

The film seeks to show how stories are covered up to produce the legend. As the film also seeks to more showcase a journey and exploration of not only space and the universe but also the human soul

Like an intergalactic APOCALYPSE NOW only not as wild. As there is a kind of hidden assassination mission in disguise. Once confronting the person he is searching for getting a kind of closure as well as enlightenment. As well as the mission having a kind of episodic quality that brings in action and thrills but never provides a distraction.

Visual and intelligent science fiction about space travel. While being meditative but the film allows for some action. Where the sequences seem to come from nowhere So that it feels more like It’s moving and things are actually happening. Not so much talked about.

All alone in the Great grand scheme of things. A failed journey where one learns something. bottom line the film is gorgeous. The type where you could just look at with the sound off and still be impressed by.

It’s a Cool movie that adds in the details but holds it’s cards close. Then later chooses to reveal It’s hand. Still trippy and conventional. As the character is haunted by thoughts and inner monologue.

Grade: B+

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