Directed By: John Whitesell
Written By: Paul W. Shapiro
Cinematography: Tom Priestly Jr.
Editor: Wendy Greene Bricmont 

Cast: Jason Priestley, Jerry O’Connell, Joe Pantoliano, Stephen Tobolowsky, Gabriel Olds, Steve Railsback, Kurt Fuller, Maxwell Caulfield, Christine Taylor, Liv Vassey, Tuesday Knight, Phil Reeves, Emily Warfield 

Three young men go on an end of the summer trip to Hollywood, California. Their quest: to fulfill the fantasy of meeting Marilyn Monroe.

More a movie made to cash in on the popularity of Jason Priestley and his teen heartthrob status. Though he doesn’t play the protagonist though he is front and center on all the publicity and here he plays more the troublesome wild card best friend. As Gabriel Olds plays the actual lead of sorts.

The film being set in the 1950’s Sells the wholesome image of the characters and the movie and any rebelliousness will seem welcome but still a kind of light compared to what might have been telecoms if it was a more modern film. It also involves the legend of Marilyn Monroe so it also has not only a certain nostalgia. But a kind of tribute to old Hollywood.

The film has a noteworthy supporting cast that certainly helps the film and it’s placement.

All the antics are innocent and the characters it time anything risqué happens is the crews adventure on anise beach where barely anything is shown.

This was a regular kind of interest with the studios. Of romanticizing the 1950’s era and using it particularly for teen tales. As they did my have to worry about catching onto dads as much and also tries to give the film a timeless nature and give the heartthrobs a kind of innocent yet slightly dangerous matinees idol aura.

The film plays perfect more for preteens. As it isn’t necessarily romantic but has a little d of wishful thinking atmosphere and since the movie takes place mostly among men. Boys might be inspired or enjoy the film for all the wacky antics. Other then that adults might like it for a Time Warp or look back at earlier times.

The wacky shenanigans seem only here to take up time until the inevitable and the moments with Marilyn Monroe actually come off as sad more or less. Even as they are trying to preserve her legend here.

While the film is entirely predictable and easy to watch. It has the same effect as cotton candy or a slurpee. Refreshing while you watch it but soon after it leaves you with a questionable after taste. As it feels a but like time wasted and never quite as fun or refreshing as you once thought. Especially once any kind of high sugar or otherwise comes down.

It just feels wasteful. Sure it serves the audience it was made for and no one beloved this was going to be anything more than that. As it certainly doesn’t add to certain cinematic canons, but it gives it’s audience what it wants and isn’t quite as terrible as one might think.

Directed by Veteran John Whitesell who went on to direct many features that more fit In the family Comedy genre. As well as similar television series.

Jason Priestley plays the role as he should nothing particularly noteworthy as he plays it as he should. The wild bad boy. Which let him loose then what he was playing on his hit TV-show at the time. More the straight man and good kid if the bunch.

Where as Jerry O’Connell is more the disabled worry wart friend more the conscience and boy-scout of the group.

The Film actually went straight to home video overseas where as it was released theatrically in the United States and watched by one particular reviewer in the theaters when it came out.

Grade: D+

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