THE CRUSH (1994)


Written & Directed By: Alan Shapiro
Cinematography: Bruce Surtees
Editor: Ian Crafford 

Cast: Alicia Silverstone, Cary Elwes, Jennifer Rubin, Kurtwood Smith, Amber Benson, Matthew Walker 

Nick Eliot, a 28-year-old newspaper reporter, moves into the guest house of the Forresters. Everything goes fine until he meets 14-year-old Adrienne, the Forresters’ only child. When she develops a crush and is rebuffed, she retaliates with vengeance.

This film is bad but laughably campy because it takes itself so seriously and it does come off as a nice independent little thriller.

It’s a trumped up b movie they tried to be a kind of modernization of Lolita or more try to sue that kind of story or hints of it.

This is also the movie that put Alicia Silverstone on the map as this film and Two Aerosmith music videos made her quite popular and in demand and CLUELESS made her a star. This was also one of those movies that became popular due to it constantly being in cable and a popular movie rental. As it was PG-13 so kids could see it if they wanted to even if some of the material was more adult.

It’s Perfect for teenagers as the film is not subtle at all. The film is supposed to be overflowing with sexual tension though it’s Rather tame. Scary to think how far the film would have gone if made today in terms of on screen sexuality.

The film wants you to be repulsed by this supposed underage lust but then shoved it in your face.

The female character played by Alicia Silverstone is crazy but to a point you can see some of her point of view of her hormones taking over. She has a high IQ and going through puberty where everything and every emotion turns on a dime yet feels life or death. All of her emotions are all over the place and is relishing being looked at and desired for the first time.

The film doesn’t help as it asks us to feel sorry for the protagonist who a lot of the time should have known Better as he is always leading and sneaking peaks at her and early on flirting with her until he makes the grand mistake of kissing her even briefly or accidentally. After that all bets are off. It saying he deserves all of what he gets but it’s hard to feels sorry for him until the sexual assault allegations.

As he does fully look at her when she strips. And she only intensified as he tries to avoid her to make him pay attention. Won’t say I agree when she pulls others who are innocent into it. I mean she even rewrote his article to make it acceptable and better. (Which also kind of tells us he might not be that great a writer as he presents himself)

The film tries hard to sensationalize most of the scenes, but by doing that it only makes itself seem more ridiculous which truly makes the movie enjoyable. As it takes itself so seriously.

This is a film I am shocked made it to a movie theater as at the time it felt more like straight to home video material. Maybe because of it’s rating it found a distributer and felt they had a teen movie their hands. It’s explosive to a certain point. It has little to exploit. Even then it won’t go beyond a certain boundary. I actually saw this in theaters twice when I was a teenager. (Movies were much more affordable)

Alicia Silverstone shows talent In The role. Even if it’s hard to believe she is supposed to be playing only 14. She certainly looks a bit older in the role. She is truly the best thing in this movie. It’s thanks to her and her immediate fame after this film that it is still remembered.

The film Also makes us doubt his skills as a writer when she rewrites a article of his unknowingly and he gets praised by colleagues for it. It made me wonder how bad or mediocre the original was that even a gifted 14 year old was better at it and she’s not even that into writing.

I saw this film in theatres and thought it was ok but when it Came out on cable I was fully able to truly appreciate and dissect the film for all it’s campy goodness. This is a film to be watched and revisited a few times. Like a midnight movie to breathe in and revel in the ridiculous. As it is trashy it tries to keep up a classy sheen.

This is the movie other then THE PRINCESS BRIDE that actor Cary Elwes will always be remembered for… at least by me.


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