Written & Directed By: Jeff Baena
Cinematography By: Quyen Tran
Editor: Ryan Brown 

Cast: Dave Franco, Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, Kate Micucci, Nick Offerman, Jemima Kirke, Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, Paul Reiser, Fred Armisen, Paul Weitz, Lauren Weedman 

On the run from the battle-seasoned Lord Bruno for sleeping with his wife, the handsome and willing servant, Massetto, flees to the safety of the woods during the warm and peaceful summer of 1347. There, after a chance encounter with the always boozy but merciful Father Tommasso, the young charmer will find refuge into his convent’s sanctuary, on one condition: to pretend he is a deaf-mute. However, Massetto’s tempting presence will unavoidably upset the already frail balance of things within the sexually-repressed female realm, as nun after nun desperately seeks an escape from their tedious way of life and an extra reason to molest the charming handyman. In the end, will those cloistered Sisters finally find out what they had been missing out on all these years?

This is a film that has the talent, but that is all it really has. As it sets it on a premise but seems to try to make it up as it goes along. Figuring that the talent will shape the movie and make it worthwhile.

As it seems there are scenes set up and then just let the cast go wild In character. Which leads more to shocks then laughs, but also makes it come off as a one joke movie.

The film is a major showcase for Aubrey plaza and the rest of the cast. Though she shines the most. The cast is well stocked with recognizable names and faces. They do what they can with the material. Others who are memorable are John C. Reilly and Nick Offerman.

Written and directed by Jeff Baena who also directed LIFE AFTER BETH another disappointing film that was full of ideas that didn’t exactly come off as smart as intended. Here he only wrote a detailed outline for the film, which was loosely based on “The Decameron”. The cast improvised their dialogue.

Here the film seems to find humor in nuns and religious characters acting badly and using their faith to hide their hidden desires and identity. As the characters get tired of holding onto their morality which they believe in but keeps them from being happy.

Some scenes are humorous though this film seems more like it would be a nice short film. As while watching the feature still feels like it is being stretched.

The premise, scenes and characters are there it just needed a stronger structure and purpose. So that it doesn’t feel like a low budgeted comedic impov exercise. Though it seems like a future cult comedy. Maybe due to it seeming like an early entry into a resurgence of nunsploitstion.

As with a few short twists and turns this could have easily been a more hardcore sex comedy. As it has all the set up but decided to go more in the way of dialogue, comedy and characters. When it comes to the sex scenes they are more soft core and over really before they even begun. The film has the feeling of just being a lark. Like a themed art project done as a lark on weekends. Done more for fun than any actual ideas or storytelling.

If you decide to watch it. Proceed with caution. As it’s not a disaster, but you will find yourself full Of questions and confused. Not in a good and positive way. with the cast involved and the material there could have been so much more and better


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