Written & Directed By: Matthew Bright
Cinematography: Joel Ransom
Editor: Suzanne Hines 

Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Maria Celedonio David Alan Grier, Michael T. Weiss, Vincent Gallo, Max Perlich, John Landis, Jenn Griffin 

In this modern update of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale (actually more like Gretel and Gretel), 15-year old Crystal is a bulimic delinquent who makes her living by beating and robbing potential “tricks”. While awaiting a 25-year jail term, Crystal hooks up with a psychotic young lesbian named Cyclona, doing time for slaughtering her entire family. After escaping, they head for Mexico, where Cyclona’s saviour Sister Gomez lives in a confectionery full of children. Along the way, they leave a trail of crack rocks, binging and purging, and dead people.

Not exactly a sequel but seems to exist in the same world even though only one character returns in a cameo. The character had a smaller role in the first film. Michael T. Weiss makes an appearance as a supposedly new character but seems familiar and up to that characters old tricks.

Original film star Reese Witherspoon choose not to return so not really a sequel or a continuation.

Again this film is based around a fairy tale only set in modern times and involves a rough underage female character. This time based on Hansel and Gretel. Which is what makes the film mildly interesting but not as strong as the first film.

This film seems to want to shock from get go. With the first shot of ladies at a juvenile prison lining up to throw up as part of their eating disorder.

The film is just as nihilistic and even more exploitive for jokes, gags and no real clear point. As it feels upsetting and gross just to push the audiences buttons. As there is no real need. Almost trying to supply a reputation. As it comes off like a cheaper more gag filled version of the original. With more throwaway violence and sex themed scenes.

The director of the original wrote and directed this sequel. He didn’t expect to return as it was originally set up for director Doris Wishman.

This time none of the characters are likeable at all even the ones we are supposed to like, like Natasha Lyonne’s lawyer and lover David Alan Grier who accepts sexual favors as payment from clients. shows that no matter what happens It’s Not favorable and messed up.

The film seems like a lower budget and the actions seem more random. The film just feels filthy as everything seems dipped in dirt and perversion. Instead if the big bad wolf. This time we are dealing with a trans witch.

The films tone comes off seeming more like a dark comedic spoof especially in the performances. Though it has a cruel mood.

Natasha Lyonne tries but seems more bored in her role. The only actor who makes a mark and impression is Maria Celedonio as her cohort. Who is a true psycho it a likeable kinda innocent one. The cast again is filled with recognizable actors.

This is a film that is not needed but since the first one was kind of successful it kind of figured that there would be a sequel.

The film just reeks of bad taste all around only this time it seems for no reason.


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