That Celine moment:

What some might call a magical moment. When you see someone for a moment. In that moment it could be love at first sight. As the person is so attractive you feel you Have to make a move or try. Some usually chicken out. Which is why it stays a moment and not a story of how we met

Why Celine? because that is the character from the movie BEFORE SUNRISE and that movie is all about seizing that moment plus it’s French and they are known for romance, museums and art. Experiencing all those with someone new and new interpretation and reactions. So you want to see where it leads.

Not to Mention she seems to be the braver and more aggressive out of the two. Which is surprising as she is French and he is American and Americans are more known for being aggressive but maybe far from home. He is a little more cautious. Where as she has gone court advantage. Not to mention she has the more poetic name.

It’s Like a movie introduction scene or a romantic scene from the silver age of movies. That bathed romance not just as a subplot but more as the main story. Bathing the action in language that was honest yet smart and funny. Leaving charm all over. Something many movies try though their aim is is usually too sharp looking to impress with visuals or hitting us over the head with simplicity. Though for some usually the aim is too light and on someone and something Low cut

The Celine moment is Like a painting or piece of art itself. Where hopefully we all experience it at least once. No matter if the outcome is good, bad or just memorable. Hopefully we take the chances

There are Songs that are written in this mood to describe this matter in full of what can it could be.

There have been many of these scenes in films but usually men control the narrative. This was one of the first films where that sense of romance became clear and understandable for me at least. So of course one would want to name it after the character that inspired it. As the actress who played her has gone onto inhabit many different characters and roles that vary. So it can’t be named after her.

When in a film an attractive character makes a grand appearance and the film

Plays it up sometimes it’s the magic of editing when the person isn’t all that glamorous or is more a star and seems to demand that special attention (Julia Roberts OCEAN’S ELEVEN) or when the camera wants to let you know that a character is a bombshell or a sexpot. We can tell by looking at them but the camera must Pinpoint them and the areas (Cameron Diaz THE MASK) so much so that the camera almost molests them

A vanity project that is more built around the star and their talents or qualities. What draws Audiences to them

The disbelief that we are not to feel when in a film a glamorous actress plays against type as normal originate and seems like they have a hard time Getting a date more for dramatic measure.

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