Directed By: Benjamin Dickinson
Written By: Benjamin Dickinson & Micah Bloomberg
Cinematography By: Adam Newport-Berra
Editor: Megan Brooks & Andrew Hasse 

Cast: Benjamin Dickinson, Dan Gill, Nora Zehetner, Alexia Rasmussen, Reggie Watts, Scott McInnes, Jessica Blank 

In near future Brooklyn, an ad executive uses a new Augmented Reality technology to conduct an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend…sort of.

The film immediately grabs you with beginning that seems so sharp. I only wish the movie stayed like that. As it Starts off great and innovative then seems to falter into routine though staying exquisitely short.

Though the film relies on science fiction. Relationships seem to be it’s main focus.

The film comes off more as another look at young men privileged in the urban landscape they put themselves In. Handling relationships as the main character and film continuously tries to throw the audience off between reality and fantasy of one man’s obsession. Though is usually clear to everyone except him. Due to need of adventure and something different in his life as everything is so mundane yet well shot. We get to observe a relationship from all sides and shapes. Though how close we might be to this kind of technology. The film shows what could go wrong in leaving yourself and living your life more through technology only, especially when it comes to communication.

The film comes off more as a lifestyle drama centered around relationships and the new yuppies. It is more dramatic than expected. With it’s center around Caucasian male problems.

An interesting way to look at s relationship drama adding in elements of other genres. Like drugs and sex and being much more causal about it. Which most films of this type and genre usually avoid or barely acknowledge. So this feels like a breath of fresh air as It adds some verve to what is expected.

The black and white cinematography you makes it modern, recognizable and otherworldly while seeming futuristic, though on a small scale The film is impeccably designed and styled feels moments of subtle inspired comedy. Though certain scenes are made to marvel at as we are tipped off through the only use of color used in the film.

The film is Shot creatively stylized and smooth, Like a modern day Woody Allen film only more graphic and dark. Especially as the director is also the main actor and writer.

The main character doesn’t help putting himself through more pressure as relationship crumbles more though his own delusional. As the film goes along the main character starts to lose himself. It seems on purpose so he doesn’t have to engage.

It’s a film of one mind breaking down due to technology more through romantic entanglements.

While his feelings are true to him they are only fantasy as he brought his ideal version of her in and not factual in any reality. So it is the truth as he only sees it. Though he is out protagonist it is hard to feel sorry for him by the end. He doesn’t deserve the ending he is allowed. As most of the film has Self involved characters who find some kind of understanding

It Makes sense his girlfriend would seek a connection after pretty much being abandoned after she tries to reach out initially. Though he seems not to care about anything she is going through. Though is always trying to avail himself as a victim. Which makes Nora Zehtner who plays his girlfriend one of the few likable characters in the movie and gives a heartbreaking performance of vulnerability. Which is another factor this film has on it’s side.

The theme seems to be Losing yourself In a fantasy of getting what you want works in the moment for short term, but alas is not real and tears you away from reality.

The film even uses the more supporting couple having sex to remind us despite what we see they are still together and helps to break up the acts. Surprisingly a lot of private human moments that are identifiable and tell us about characters. Technology tells through memories It feels like a film stuck between hipsters and growing up to the middle class, showcasing how empty it becomes. How it can be like any addiction, alienating and crazy.

Casting comedian Reggie watts is genius as it seek to be a belief or at least a facet of digital technology as an art and as a philosophy that he tries to promote in his work and routines.

The film has a certain pretentiousness but knows it and makes it all the more human though has a recognizable humanity.

Though needed to make a point as ending shows will always be slave to technology as when he has a chance to do it more natural after girlfriend explains how it works and will lead to a more happy lifestyle without it. His mistakes pay off as technology wants him back and offers him lucrative success.

It tries to make a correlation that modern Hipsters or young people have no real concept of emotion or they see it as some kind of weakness. Even though they seem to only want to please themselves and everyone should come second to that.

The film seems to start off as a Male fantasy and despite some turbulence is successful in the end. Shaping our own lives to our own specifications but losing our actual identity. That feels more like a films school idea

In the end it breaks down to a hipster romantic drama with some added technology and a sci-fi edge


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