Written & Directed By: Peter Strickland
Cinematography: Tim Sidell
Editor: Matyas Feketem

Cast: Makis Papadimitriou, Fatma Mohamed, Asa Butterfield, Ariane Labed, Gwendoline Christie, Richard Bremmer

Set at an institute devoted to culinary and alimentary performance, a collective finds themselves embroiled in power struggles, artistic vendettas, and gastrointestinal disorders.

This feels like almost self-parody and wanting to say something about artistic institutions.
Though it almost feels that with each new film Of Writer-Director Peter Strickland. He goes step by step away from conformity and genre with Jisnfilms and into his own interests and inspirations showing himself to be a true auteur with any care to please his audience

As his films are always visually Stunning and captivating as far as production especially when it comes to surreal visions and the same Goes along with costuming

Whereas previous films seem to take aim at breaking down genres. This film Feels like a satire and exploration of the artistic creation of his own imagination. As at least this is captivating instead of confusing even if only visually and thematically

It is always a film That will Appeal to Or repulse the senses. Also offering a look at the absurdity of it and creation and expressing it. So beautiful that the Film Looks like it is Constantly Taking Place during a photoshoot.

I Don’t Understand what was going on half the time but I liked it and its Visuals if looking for some sense exactly This might not be the Film For you.

The power struggles involved in collaboration the drama inside of it and how your creation is perceived by the outside world as well as directing and guiding it For the best way for it to be remembered.

How Much even when you Investigate and try to examine the art or get to the heart of it. how easily it can be pulled into the creation and become a part of it. As you have input me can help shape it even just by being a witness and spreading the word about it affecting its development

As journalists can do in profiling a celebrity becoming Part Of Their Lives for Short Periods of Time but still having that experience and bonding for short periods of time. Persuasions participation, Now even when trying to be a fly On the wall and just document you Can’t help But be pulled into the orbit and be part of that universe

Where the Audiences appreciation and feedback we barely get Glimpses of and are more like a sexual orgy. Getting more and more absurd, not as strictly Over the top comedy, but more detached and obscure as it Goes along even as we learn more information about everybody.

Though constantly Stays avant-garde and close To its art-house roots

The film Almost Feels Like a chronicle of a band at each other’s throats as they try to make their next album and all The fears coming to a head during the process, especially when trying

To work It out with others you know so well and need one another but also desire space though feel like you are the only ones who know and understand one another.

Done it plenty of times but this time feels different and somehow more important. Always on the edge of the perverse and even fetishism

Just as the head of the institute comes across as either the Producer or record exec trying to shape the product and collective themselves while Trying To Be part of the creative process thing offering nothing of more creatively and if anything trying to water down or Make it

More accessible which goes against everything the collective seems to be about. Even if it means using seduction to get insider information and flip a member to have a person on the inside and being able to use them To spread their influence.

Each act seems to focus on a different member of the group or so it would seem as one character barely Gets center stage but is always shown and in the background and the character who seems to Come To More Prominence in the second act soon seems To be a major focus event high in the front act barely Spoke

Though the third act is the shortest maybe it makes sense that the character who It seems To focus on feels underserved throughout but is the glue practically the middle child Also the most Melodramatic. While the doctor represents the old-school Patriarchy.

The filmmaker Exerts himself as a filmmaker of His own unique vision and view.

How in art you Seem To reveal Yourself though only when it feels Personal do truly Realize maybe you revealed too much or See how Power and jealousy are at the heart of everything

Cooking Food Is its Own Art It takes Steps In the form Of Recipes and you are always struggling to get it right and is Essential in survival and is used by most as an expression of Care for health. Yet also is A process in which someone can be kissed and can mean something to so Many Others who follow and Look at it for insight.

You Can Also look at it as an examination of the relationship between the artist, the enthusiastic backers and Money men, fans, critics, and The Audience

High concept and our reporter man on the inside all of this half the time Of more insight into his farts and stomach problems rather than exposing his findings.

This film Was definitely an experience. Where it makes little sense to me. Though I admire the craft & stays interesting. Peter Strickland goes more into his artistic interests and visions. I look at this as a film about creation. Almost like a band trying to finish an album and what they have to face to finish. To truly reach their artistic vision and breakthrough

A movie only director Peter Strickland could make, sticking to his vision, interests, and instincts. Displaying his talent and unwavering in his direction. Even when it seems the film will go for conventional methods, it resists. Though dealt with seriously the film can be seen as a comedy of sorts. It’s not vague but has many ways of looking at it and finding definition in the details

Grade: B


Written & Directed By: Peter Strickland 
Cinematography By: Nicholas D. Knowland 
 Editor: Chris Dickens 

Cast: Toby Jones, Tonia Sotiropoulou, Susanna Cappellaro, Cosimo Fusco, Antonio Mancino, Fatma Mohamed, Chiara D’anna

A sound engineer’s work for an Italian horror studio becomes a terrifying case of life imitating art. 

The film didn’t sound like anything amazing. In fact, it sounded more like a trick of a movie, like an M. Night Shamalayan films get labeled as more about spectacle and showing off than story, characters, and general enjoyment. Word of mouth leads me to give it a chance

This film throws you off so much that it makes your mind explode with ideas for possibilities at every turn.

It’s a film that shows a love for the magic, mystery, and technology of cinema and its making. Giving the audience insight into sound and foley artists while building a story around it. Then the film plays around with it to throw you off course. Leaving it up to you and your own interpretations as to what is going on.

It takes what could have been a simple premise and manipulates it and plays with it so much that you always have a feeling of dread. The film always makes sure that you never feel comfortable leaving you to wonder at times have things been lost in translation?

The characters seem like stock from a horror film at times then just seem like characters of the period it portrays. Female characters go from seeming plain and innocent to exotic creatures of mystery and depth. Characters go from seeming mysterious to comedic and or pathetic.

You can look at the film in many ways dark comedy might even be one of a mystery.

The film also feels like a film that could have been made of that period as it recreates to become a homage to that era and it’s filmmaking. It’s like a mix between David Lynch and Francis Ford Coppola but having a style, character and voice all its own.

To me it seemed almost to be a better version of the recent film BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW strived to be.

This definitely would be a good film to watch with INLAND EMPIRE and/or MULHOLLAND DRIVE and BARTON FINK only this film is more compact. It manages to make so much out of so little.

I was shocked at how much this film surprised and delighted me. This is really a standout film and Toby Jones is noteworthy as his character is so timid and awkward and the people at the studio he works at so mean, rude and obnoxious, but insists he is the rude and ungrateful one constantly.

I don’t want to give away too much of the films plot as it has plenty of surprises for the audience that are best to discover and truly contemplate.

My only complaint is that there isn’t a scene where Toby Jones totally gets to lose it. So that there is a release of emotions, but since this film is built on tension for the most part that would let the audience off, and clearly that is not this films intention.