Directed By: Baran Bo Odar
Written By: Andrea Berloff 
Based in the film “NUIT BLANCHE” Written by: Frederic Jardin, Nicolas Saada & Olivier Douyere 
Cinematography: Mirai Malaimaire Jr.
Editor: Robert Rzesacz

Cast: Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan, Dermot Mulroney Jr., Scoot Mcnairy, Tip T.I. Harris, David Harbour, Gabrielle Union 

Undercover Las Vegas police officer Vincent Downs finds himself trapped in a web of corrupt cops, internal affairs and violent gangsters. When a failed heist leads to the kidnapping of his son, Downs must race against time during an intense and restless night to save him and bring the criminals to justice.

I can admit this film already seemed D.O.A. When the trailers for the film hit. As nothing in the trailer came across as new or even exciting and watching the film it pretty much felt the same. While plenty of things happen on screen and in the story. It still all feels basic and familiar and the film, not performances add any excitement to it.

I will admit I liked the French original version of this film SLEEPLESS NIGHTS very much, but in the American translation, a lot of fresh and maybe foreign cultural elements are dropped. Making the film come across as more of a big-budgeted longer episode of a police procedural. 

As the original film Offered complications that felt essential and consequential. Here the film just seems to throw complications that seem more here to be filler than anything. Else 

Scoot McNairy’s villain is the only memorable thing in the whole film. Who would have been great in a better movie? 

The film feels like for a recognizable cast who do try there is really Little effort put into the film at all to feel special or set itself apart. So that by the end it feels basic yet disappointing. Which is a shame as Jamie Foxx has proven to be a versatile and charismatic actor who can be funny, dramatic and tough when he needs to be and this film offers only the later but like most of the roles. Never feels specific enough to their talents so that virtually anyone could have played these roles.

The only Element that felt somewhat exciting was the ending that leaves room for a sequel or alludes to an even bigger conspiracy. 

This just feels like a lost opportunity. Where all this film seems to offer is more a stylish music video technique to the story without really adding anything worthy dramatically or even character-wise. 

It just simply he’s out all the originality out of the original. Truly making this a Hollywood byproduct. If anything it feels like an audition for the director to show what he can do with so little. 

Grade: F




Directed By: Duncan Jones
Written By: Ben Ripley
Cinematography By: Don Burgess
Editor: Paul Hirsch

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farminga, Jeffrey Wright, Russell Peters

Army Captain Colter Stevens finds himself working on a special program where his consciousness can be inserted into another human being. The only catch is can only be there for 8 minutes at any given time. That morning, a bomb exploded on a commuter train just outside Chicago. He occupies the body of teacher going to work on that train and is confused as to what he is doing or why he is there as his last memory is of flying his helicopter on a combat mission in Afghanistan. Those in charge of the program explain to him that there is a bomb on the train, and that he must locate it. More importantly, he must identify the bomber as another bombing is expected later that day. He is also told however that he cannot change the past and can only gather information. As he develops a liking for his traveling companion Christina, he sets out to test that theory

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Written & Directed By: Sofia Coppola
Cinematography By: Harris Savides
Editor: Sarah Flack

Cast: Stephen Dorff, Elle Fanning, Chris Pontius, Michelle Monaghan, Elle Kemper, Angela Lindvall, Kristina Shannon, Karissa Shannon

Hollywood actor Johnny Marco, nested in his luxury hotel of choice, is a stimulated man. Drinking, parties and women keep a creeping boredom under wraps in between jobs. He is the occasional father of a bright girl, Cleo, who may be spoiled but doesn’t act it. When Cleo’s mother drops her off and leaves town, Johnny brings her along for the ride, but can he fit an 11-year-old girl into his privileged lifestyle?


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DUE DATE (2010)


Directed By: Todd Phillips
Written By: Alan Freedland, Alan R. Cohen, Adam Sztyikel & Todd Phillips
Story By: Alan Freedland & Alan R. Cohen
Cinematography By: Lawrence Sher
Editor: Debra Neil-Fisher

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galafanakis, Juliette Lewis, Jamie Foxx, Danny McBride, Michelle Monaghan, RZA, Matt Walsh, Brody Stevens

High-strung father-to-be Peter Highman is forced to hitch a ride with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay on a road trip in order to make it to his child’s birth on time.

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