VIOLET (2014)

Written & Directed By: Bas Devos

Cinematography: Nicolas Karakatsanis

Editor: Dieter Diependaele

Cast: Cesar De Sutter, Koen De Sutter, Mira Helmer, Brent Minne, Fania Sorel

15-year-old Jesse is the only one who witnessed the stabbing of his friend Jonas. Now he has to face his family and friends form the BMX riders crew and explain the unexplainable – how he feels about it.

If not Into impressionistic and experimental films this is not the film for you.

As it seems as not much happens and everything happens as we watch a young teen come to grips with his feelings about witnessing his friends endlessly get murdered and we see how this murder affects those around him including the victim’s family but not much happens and everything happens

Obviously heavy emotionally we see the pain and feelings on others’ faces but the main. Teen is expressionless either trying to come. To grips with his feelings or trying to feel something as very one is expecting it but doesn’t know howS

If you look, For a more Plot centered film, this is not for you. If you want to watch a study in grief where the film keeps a slow pace and is more about the everyday this is for you.

There are some striking shots and visuals but that is all there is as the film feels simplistic but wants to show a certain depth. It achieves what it aims for and while some might be able to get something or at least what they seek out of it.

It personally leaves one cold. A slice of Life and a sort of coming of age that for a film that showcases life feels lifeless itself. 

As less like witnessing and just watching a bunch of shots comes together that might have been glorious b roll footage for another film. Though at least here it has some kind of meaning for you to take away. Define for yourself 

Plotless and lacking any kind of dramatics at least traditionally almost like improv where you are meant to assign what they are thinking or feeling by little clues as to their expressions or behavior 

Though an audience is left to see the film’s worth. As the film does try to connect but leaves you to pick up the pieces.

So it is almost like the lead character who will not give anyone anything emotionally but as we are connected to him as our protagonist we try to figure him out abs kind of put our own thoughts and concerns on display in our minds 

Some could easily call this lazy filmmaking but the filmmaker is more interested in getting a reaction from the audience that the film lacks by letting visuals and sound linger more than anything documenting with a cinematic flair rather than aiming the story or narrative in any particular way or direction.

Depending on. What you came to the film for Will predict your interpretation or any kind of entertainment/enjoyment you might get.

This is more of a film. To be studied and presented at a museum as an exhibit  than anything else traditional 

Throughout it seems that like the lead, No one Knows how to communicate really. 

Alas it feels like you are sitting around for a scene or a moment where it all makes sense or just idiots that you have been sitting through and it never comes 

A lot of lingering shots of nothing really happening that individuals come to nothing but as a whole might come together to mean something or at least that is my interpretation. 

A Movie that director Gus Van Sant would have loved to have made. A movie where it seems like the filmmaker wants you to do most of the work like CACHE.

As this is just a presentation and they want you to come up with what you think it’s about and connect things in your own way

Grade: C

SUMMER OF 85 (2020)

Written & Directed By: Francois Ozon

Based on the book “Dance On My Grave” By Aidan Chambers

Cinematography: Hichame Alouie

Editor: Laurie Gardette

Cast: Felix Lefebvre, Benjamin Voisin, Philippine Velge, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Melvil Poupaud, Isabelle Nanty 

When 16-year-old Alexis is caught up in the deceitful Normandy sea, David heroically saves him from drowning. And, this is how Alexis meets the person of his life. But, how long will this tumultuous, dreamy relationship last? Will the dream last for more than one summer, the summer of 85?

The film doesn’t go where you expect it to go. What keeps you guessing and mystified when it comes to his film is how it plays with time throughout and leaves you expecting the worse when things are mostly innocent 

It feels a bit similar to CALL BE BY YOUR NAME. As it is a coming-of-age love story between two males of intense feelings and obsession, but yet always feels a bit more of a thriller than a true romance. Though then again young love can be innocent and messy.

Even though nonchalant It’s not even truly coming out film. As it is all relatively handled with no big revelations. Though shows itself as a love story and not one of lust or dangerous obsession 

The film runs on expectations. So that as it goes along. You constantly feel a sense of dread. Always looking for clues, hints, or motives. 

All seems to go well until a girl is thrown into the mix. Even when she had the best of interests. Proving to be loyal to all.

The main characters are the rebellious carefree type versus an introverted romantic. At first, he believes it is all in his head and just an innocent friendship. Then he realizes he is being seduced. Even though the more aggressive character might be bisexual or a sensationalist, narcissistic and not prepared for his feelings. Especially being so young, not ready for the intensity.

By the end, you find instead of a thriller you have gone through a dark drama. That also feels like a string after-school special or a coming-of-age film that has thriller elements. 

Grade: B-


Written & Directed By: James DeMonaco
Cinematography: Anastas N. Michos
Editor: Keith Fraase 

Cast: Naomi Watts, Frank Grillo, Lucius Hoyos, Madelyn Cline, Chase Vacnin, Bobby Cannavale, River Alexander, Max Casella, Steve Lipman, Method Man, Lenny Venito, Jonah Hauer-King

A teenager living in Staten Island during the summer of 1982 embarks on a quest that draws in his family members.

This is a sweet coming-of-age film. It is earnest and tries to give you an overview of the neighborhood, families, times, and atmosphere. So that it feels more natural. Which in a way only exposes how false it is at times. The problem is that it feels way too familiar for the audience.

It tells the tale of a family throughout two days that will come to define them. Each member of the family has to deal with a challenge and we see how they deal with it and overcome it.

Even if most of the film is the adventure of the youngest son and his mission to tell the girl of his dreams happy birthday and that he loves her. With plenty of traps and roadblocks along the way.

The film works as far as nostalgia taking us to STATEN island during the 1980s and while that is fun. Even putting at the heart of the film is the debut of ROCKY III. Which inspired and ties the films and its character together.

The film still feels way too familiar. It’snWorth watching if not necessarily a film fan or for a younger audience, but it offers no surprises nor any reason to really stay invested.

As even when young ladies are willing to sneak them into a bar and give them plenty of drinks out of nowhere. You can tell something is not right and it feels too much of a scene from the warriors.

So that by the end this feels more like an Italian American inspired television movie and while it might be more autobiographical for the writer-director James DeMonaco

It also feels more like a movie that has a checklist and makes sure it goes through the list one by one and on schedule. As the teen adventures Seem a bit like an homage to THE WARRIORS.

Even when it comes to the bully getting their comeuppance you can’t wait. Even if the film makes you wait a bit too long and his girlfriend gives him up a little too easily. It just makes her seem that much more innocent despite her father being the local heavy 

Even in the part that involves a character coming out of the closet while it’s Appreciated that the character is confused and not sure about who they are exactly. Was it necessary for them to do it in drag? Maybe that was the truth for the character and how they choose to express themselves, but it offers up a bonding Experience. It also feels a bit stereotypical.  Especially when it comes to acceptance from others who are just a little too quick. So the true film feels cookie-cutter. As everything is resolved in the end a little too neatly and finally.

The cast is impressive and the bigger names get a chance to show off in certain roles we might not expect. Especially Method man who seems like he is playing a minor role but is one of importance later on and as a known resident of STATEN island it is nice to see him represent. 

It could easily be seen as ironic that the film in question At the center of this film is ROCKY III, but it shows no matter what might be universally thought of Something. If you can identify with characters that bring you peace, pride, or inspiration that is all that matters, and how some characters are icons to communities and bring them together on the same wavelength. 

Though Bobby Cannavale is left with a more stereotypical role. That can be said of half the cast. Though Frank Grillo gets to play a more dramatic role it still has him involved in a fight scene. 

In the end, the film can be entertaining. It just feels like you have seen it before and has been built off of other films you have seen and never quite feels itself or fresh. Even if it has its heart in the right place.



Written & Directed By: Pablo Sorrentino 
Cinematography: Daria D’Antonio 
Editor: Cristiano Travaglioli 

Cast: Filippo Scotti, Toni Servillo, Teresa Saponagelo, Luisa Ranieli, Marlon Joubert, Renato Carpentier, Massimiliano Gallo, Betty Pedrazzi 

Fabietto Schisa is a boy in the tumultuous Naples of the 1980s. The Hand of God is a story full of unexpected joys, such as the arrival of football legend Diego Maradona, and an equally unexpected tragedy. Fate plays its part, joy and tragedy intertwine, and Fabietto’s future is set in motion.

This film is oddly restrained considering it is directed by Paolo Sorrentino. Whose films always lean on beautiful visuals, characters, and landscapes and usually showcase a surreal reality as well as feeling more epic in scope.

This film is autobiographical so that it feels more personal and with more depth. Not so much an ensemble but we do see the world of Neapolitan Italy through the eyes of our teenage protagonist. Though we spend a lot of time with his family and the characters he comes across. Who each affects and shape his life in some way

Some are more obvious and immediate, others we get glimpses of and then learn about them later but never quite forget them. As each has some kind of advice for the main character.

All of this is happening while in the background soccer player Maradona is bright onto Italy’s Team and is helping them win the World Cup. So Much so that the main characters’ activities are scheduled around seeing the games. 

As he interacts with his family we see plenty of domestic drama. Though throughout there is a love story but it is more between the protagonist and his aunt. Who has a mental illness or is treated like she has and wears provocative clothing and has no problem being naked whenever. Not exactly your typical movie romance. 

Though she is shown more as as a muse for him of free-thinking, humor, sex, and beauty and Luisa Ranieri playing aunt Patrica fills out the role beautifully. As the camera manages to make her look gorgeous no matter what the angle or lighting. Throughout the movie, there are female characters of great beauty who are treated as normal or every day.

The movie also managed to be one of the few films about filmmaking or future filmmakers that basically barely has any movies or talk of them in it. There is no film appreciation, though there is talk of Fellini, a filmmaker who Sorrentino can remind one of in telling personal stories in a grand way that always feels colorful.

This film doesn’t really follow a traditional plot or story and is more a collection of anecdotes and events that shape the character and give a vivid history and view of his hometown in the 1980s. Not as quirky as one might expect as there is nothing that truly stands out. 

Though by the end you are glad you watched and experienced the film that plays and feels more like a book by the end. Only here not everything is spelled out. It is more experienced, witnessed, and felt.

This is also a film best viewed in a theater or on the biggest screen you can find. 

Grade: B-


Directed By: Rosemary Myers 
Written By: Matthew Whittet (Based on his Stage Play) 
Cinematography By: Andrew Commis 
Editor: Karryn de Cinque 

Cast: Bethany Whitmore, Harrison Feldman, Amber McMahon, Matthew Whittet, Eamon Farren, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Danielle Catanzariti, Pia Moutakis, Clara Moutakis 

The world is closing in on Greta Driscoll. On the cusp of turning fifteen she can’t bear to leave her childhood, it contains all the things that give her comfort in this incomprehensible new world. She floats in a bubble of loser with her only friend Elliott, until her parents throw her a surprise 15th birthday party and she’s flung into a parallel place; a world that’s weirdly erotic, a little bit violent and thoroughly ludicrous – only there can she find herself. Based on the critically acclaimed production by Windmill Theatre, The film is a journey into the absurd, scary and beautiful heart of the teenage mind.

The film feels like a dream which at least a third of the film appears as a Out and out fantasy that makes no sense except to the main character and seems to be a parable about her dilemma. It feels more like the work of a singular imagination that makes sense to only a few.

 Luckily the film works off of offbeat charm and style. As well as being absurd with details such as the date of her birthday being February 31st, The twins that constantly are the henchwomen of the main characters. Album cover art coming alive an becoming a full character and just about the entire third act that becomes a weird rural fantasy.

While the film definitely has a vision and most of the film could usually be explained away as more of a vivid exaggeration that comes off surreal of how it feels to be growing from a child into a teenager. Where you still have that innocence but the real world starts to beckon harder and harder putting pressure on you. Though either way the characters would still be considered quirky from any other view.

The film actually started out as a stage play. Which helps explain the limited locations and it seems the need to get the most out of them. Which also adds a claustrophobic feel and intensity in some scenes. It’s what helps make the film feel vivid and livens up the film to a degree. When there isn’t necessarily that much action going on.

Like the film the characters come off as stylish by being a bit off style yet quirky. As they double down on their beliefs and lifestyle. The film seems at time off center but knows where it is going even if the audience doesn’t. So that it is a journey for us. So you have to depend on the film to guide you. Yet you always feels safe though easily distracted and discombobulated.

It can easily be seen as a film about puberty. Where you are a threat to some and you struggle to find where you belong who is your group, pack as well as getting attention you are not used to and it feeling like an onslaught like you are being hunted. Not sure who you can trust as some turn on you that easily or are using you to a degree. Where the wrong move seems like it could be your peril. So that it almost paralyzed you or makes you very fragile.

The film can sometimes feel moody as it stays strange, but still manages to stay sweet and never is boring.

The film Actually feels like an Australian NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. Only from a girls point of view you can see the flourishes of a Wes Anderson film in the design. It’s easy to compare as it seems nostalgic but of it’s own imagination. Though it’s cinematic style seems simple but also expressive and deadpan that at times seems to try too hard but after awhile you get used to it as it becomes too common.

It’s not one of the first or only film to be taken from a girl’s point of view when it deals with a conning of age story. Though it is rare that we get to see a story of so much awkwardness. So much so that the third act is more of a fantasy story.

The film does deal with sex but it doesn’t make it as heavy an issue or something that permeates almost every scene and decision that the character makes. Which is a welcome change. Even if it doesn’t all make sense at first.

The film even has continuing action in the background to keep you your eyes busy and a full experience that keeps you on your toes. That makes everything feel amplified.

Grade: B-


 Directed By: Richard Benjamin 
Written By: June Roberts
Based on the book by: Patty Dann
Cinematography: Howard Atherton 
Editor: Jacqueline Cambas 

Cast: Cher, Bob Hoskins, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, Michael Schoeffling, Caroline McWilliams, Jan Miner 

An unconventional single mother relocates with her two daughters to a small Massachusetts town in 1963, where a number of events and relationships both challenge and strengthen their familial bonds.

Cher is the Star of the film even though the film is more centered around Winona Ryder’s character and is at heart a coming-of-age film. Her character ark is a kind of sneak attack where all of a sudden the supporting performance is actually the main one. By the end, we realize she is the film’s heart and soul. 

Here the main spectacle was supposed to be Cher as after all she is the star of the film and is center stage in all the advertisements but while she is healthy in the film she comes on strong at the beginning then becomes more of a supporting background performer. The nemesis to a certain degree of the protagonist is her daughter played by Winona Ryder.

This is a film that is dependent on each element. As only Cher had the star power and the cool to be the spectacle. She ends up doing good character work, but also she is the only person at the time who could play a fabulous independent female character. who is strong and knows what she wants and is not ostracized for it. Where it fits her personality to a t. It also allows for her to shine as a character and show more shades and a bit of vulnerability.

If anything I applaud this movie for its cast. Young Christina Ricci’s debut film and Bob Hoskins as Cher’s love interest and father figure to her daughters. A shoe salesman who is an artist at heart and open-minded, who tries to domesticate the family but not forcefully. He is understanding and a nice guy. Not to mention Michael Schoeffling is older, but kind of playing an older version of the same type of character he played in SIXTEEN CANDLES more of a mystery but genuinely a nice guy

Though Winona Ryder at large walks away with the whole film. Playing a teenage neurotic girl who also is the narrator and makes this almost a woody Allen Esque adventure in pursuing a crush. Only while the film seems that way it is about more than that. As she is driven by teenage angst and catholic religious obsession. Not to mention the changing and challenging times of the 1960s

Directed by Richard Benjamin who was a replacement for original director Lasse Hallstrom. and then Frank Oz. Before he finally came along. Whereas you could see Hallstrom’s version in your thoughts. Richard Benjamin’s direction is sensitive and strong.  Even more impressive that he was more of a last-minute replacement. One of his best-directed pictures. While some others came close this was truly his most heartwarming and dramatic that hit all the buttons. His best next to this movie MY FAVORITE YEAR.

By the end, the film shows how when young something can be an obsession you think about day and night but also how once something new comes along it can easily be dropped and forgotten entirely. It’s a quality of youth but might also be an inherited quality. 

Though this film at times might seem more formulaic, one quality the film possesses. Is that it feels lived in. It’s comfortable and feels more natural. The habitat of the characters is refreshing and gives the scenes so much more strength and allows them to be subtle when they need to be. 

The film even has a memorable soundtrack. Including the theme song which is a remake but sung by the star Cher. 

I will admit this is more of an underrated film that I have enjoyed ever since it came out. 

Grade: B


Directed by: Bennett Lasseter
Written By: Mitchell Winkie
Cinematography: Vincent Patin 
Editor: Robin Gonsalves 

Cast: Keean Johnson, Madeline Brewer, Bonnie Hunt, Ian Gomez, Rya Kihlstedt, Oliver Cooper, Carol Mansell, Emily Skeggs, Ariela Barer, Jake Weary 

Marcus, an audio-obsessed high school senior, learns he must undergo brain surgery that will render him deaf, and decides to seize control of his fate by recording the Ultimate Playlist of Noise.

As it goes down like a nice teen drama. It’s dramatic, funny, and heartwarming by the end. If this wasn’t already a young adult novel, it should have been.

We watch the natural growing pains, trials, and tribulations that most of us go through. Only here the main character is kind of an obsessive nerd. Whose main interests are music and putting together playlists. 

Then his passions come together in a cute young lady who is a musician and sends his heart flutter. Which happens to come into His life when he has learned of a condition that will rob him of his hearing and separating him from his favorite thing music.

While the film plays on romance it also becomes a road trip movie. So we get the eccentric, strange whimsy of the characters and traveling.

What is refreshing about this film is that it’s not a typical love story. As it has romantic moves but cuts them short offering genuine surprises from where you might think some moments are going in a good way. Like him having his first kiss.

It does try to show the beauty in supposedly the mundane. 

The film is more about bonding with a stranger and becoming so close that you can open up to them. The story more or less comes across as one of the connections between two people and inspiring one another to go face their fears and also learn to accept things. Deal with them and learn to live with it.

Even if staying somewhat predictable story-wise. There will be love involved, not romantic and not the kind where even if there was it could save you from yourself or help you outrun your problems. 

The film doesn’t offer a false or empty story. Where we are left to wonder what happens next or after that but should feel rest assured in just the here and now. 

Grade: B-

PRINCE (2015)

Written & Directed By: Sam De Jong Cinematography: Paul Ozgur  Editor: Mieneke Kremer 

Cast: Ayoub Elasri, Jorik Scholien, Oussama Addi, Achraf Meziani, Elise de Braun, Sigrid Tennepal, Olivia Lonsdale, Chaib Massaoudi 

A troubled teenager attempts to conquer the love of his life by becoming the baddest boy on the block.

This is a film I was expecting more from. Strangely Wasn’t totally disappointed. Though by the end felt a little thin. 

Considering the issues of the film. I didn’t expect it to stay so clean material-wise. So that by the end it felt like an after-school special with some adult themes.

It’s fine for what it is but was expecting something mroe hard-hitting. Especially for where it seemed to be going and what it introduces. 

The film tries to paint the neighborhood as thorny and a bit crime-ridden but was left wondering is this the worst they have in the Netherlands? As it seems a bit quaint.

The film really comes off as a coming-of-age tale. Nothing you have my seen before. In fact, still shocked at how innocent it seems to stay. Like a teenage version of a crime film that doesn’t involve so much crime but more themes of growing up. 

For instance, the scene where he is feeling grown up after a job well done after a night out. He celebrated by drinking milk like it’s an alcoholic drink.

How at first his problems are presented as worse than They actually are. Introduced to him more as immature. We notice throughout how he becomes more mature and responsible. Even as he gets more brand names and expensive designer clothes. As well as how they can. enticing and what is needed to keep them up.

The ending is the only place where it feels like a false note. As it is satisfying from the standpoint of liking the characters but it feels unrealistic when it comes to criminals and street rules. 


DEEP END (1970)

Directed By: Jerzy Skolimowski 
Written By: Jerzy Skolimowski & J. Gruza & B. Sulik 
Cinematography By: Charly Steinberger 
Editor: Barrie Vince 

Cast: Jane Asher, John Moulder-Brown, Karl Michael Vogler, Christopher Sanford, Diana Dors, Louise Martini 

15-year-old Mike takes a job at the local swimming baths, where he becomes obsessed with an attractive young woman, Susan, who works there as an attendant. Although Susan has a fiancé, Mike does his best to sabotage the relationship, to the extent of stalking both her and her fiancé. Mike becomes increasingly desperate to have Susan for himself, with tragic results.

This is a different color g of age tale that follows all the hallmarks of introducing the world through a kind of crush romance. But here it ends much more tragically and more than emotionally.

It involves the theory of being Careful what you wish for as you might just get it. As in the bed, the young man gets what he wants his crush finally does go from him and in the way that he wants even if he must first pay a price but it doesn’t go as he imagines and ends up failing himself but also she doesn’t react in the caring manner in which she has treated him before. As of now he has more or less become one of her victims or how she pretty much treats most of the men in her life by what they can actually give her. Before he was fun as she knew the power she had over him. Now that he has gotten what their want he feels more of ownership as he has An investment in her and now he isn’t fascinating or special to her anymore. Not to mention not valuable as a lover either.

So he strikes out accidentally and causes her death. Which he then decides to die with her by drowning himself in her body. As he caused it and to show he will always love her and there will never be another for him.

This film has the character as one of the few actual teenagers throughout whereas most of the time he is surrounded by adults. Who more or less immerse him in their own worlds.

There is even the ex-girlfriend his own age who rebuffed him when he wanted to go farther intimately who finally offers herself to him now, but he has already fallen for another and it’s too late

Watching this film you can see why he is so obsessed the woman of his dreams is beautiful and elegant to him yet down to earth. His teacher and playmate in many ways. She seems open to him and really to most males depending on what she can get from them. A seductress who seems open then cold. Who none the less encourages him. As throughout the film in the beginning he is more juvenile and silly as he slowly becomes obsessed. Though as the film goes on and his intensity for her increases it becomes scarier yet while he still is immature it does age him and make his actions seem more adult.

Jane Asher is so beautiful here absolute perfection as a crush and femme fatale who unfortunately becomes a victim.

There are obvious premonitions of the ending. With the constant use of red and just like any encounter, the film seems to be building up until it’s final climax which comes as partly shocking and just as their encounter short and seemingly underwhelming at first until the aftermath of it where it goes for more depth in the absence of feelings. Just as her constant insults that seem to just fuel him more and her destruction of his bike the only other thing we see him enjoy during the film. It seems with her destruction of it to hurt his chances of following her only intensifies his focuses.

Set in a more adult and dirty time. The film takes place all in a week mainly at the young man’s first job at a bathhouse during the days of swinging London.

It seems at first she is testing the limits by openly insulting his mother in front of him. To test for a reaction and when he gets upset but quickly seems to forgive her. She knows she has him.

We see her fiancé who is rather wimpish but can provide her with all the tickets and values she seeks. When it comes to the gym teacher he is more physical and can give her what she wants in that way. Not to mention is older and also will take care of her and gives her a bit of adventure by participating in this affair.

The movie theater scene is an interesting power play of her being victim forced to see this film she has no interest in. Then taking control as other members of the audience are attracted to her and then her allowing him to touch her and feel her up while watching a sexual film that is about frigidity and ways of heating yourself up sexually. Then complaining about his actions and having the fiancé get the cops to arrest him but making out with him beforehand and wanting to press charges but when the cops look for her to make a statement she disappears and seems to be having for. So that it becomes a strange comedic yet erotic scene.

This is a film about voyeurism for us watching the characters and one Character watching the other. This is truly a film of the birth of a stalker. Where we see what inspires and builds him up. The dangers of idealization and projection of fantasies. That while it comes off as innocent and maybe justified. At first, becomes dangerous and sickening. Especially when compared with current issues and how times have evolved. Also shows how times have changed. As the film is open to show the tragedy of the situation though can be seen as misogynistic easily with her constantly playing games with the teenager.

Though this film more or less could also try to show at the time the only power females might have had were more sexual ones.

The film also shows Mike being submissive at the beginning as in an early scene where a female customer uses and abuses him for her own pleasure. Practically wrestling him for her own pleasure. As she is older and physically bigger than him and he stays passive until the end where he becomes aggressive in all the wrong ways.

The film takes place in a location that is supposed to be about cleanliness. That we can see is showcasing it’s cracks and rot. As it ages showing it’s slow decay and it being corrupted. all the while the place is trying to be maintained and repurposed to be attractive with it being painted red, the color of passion and love. Here more represents seduction and corruption with a bit of madness.

This truly is more of a character study than most films as not much happens In The way of story or plot but much happens through the interaction and intentions of the characters what they are driven by their motivations and emotions. Which are not so much on display but more or less acted upon.

This is one of those films that eats at you more after it is finished. As you keep finding yourself thinking about it. What the meanings are and your interpretations of what you just watched. In it’s own way it’s powerful yet not necessary. One of those undiscovered gems you want to share though know it might not be for everyone. As it is a small story that is powerful if you stay until the end. Though you have to be observant and patient.

Sexuality using the constant fact of being objectified and using that for what it’s worth.

She losing her diamond in the snow after fighting with him and then bringing all the snow in to melt and hopefully find the diamond. Could represent her coldness to him melting and him finding it as both romantic and him paying her price to be able to be with her. After her little breakdown.

Strangely the film keeps the mood light so that in the surprise moments when it does become dark it’s jarring and surprising you

Grade: B


Directed by: Rachel Lee Goldenberg 
Written by: Rachel Lee Goldenberg, Jenni Hendricks, Ted Caplan, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson & Bill Parker
Based On The Book By: Jenni Hendricks & Ted Caplan 
Cinematography: Doug Emmett
Editor: Julia Wong

Cast: Haley Lu Richardson, Barbie Ferreira, Giancarlo Esposito, Breckin Meyer, Alex Macnicoll, Sugar Lyn Beard, Denny Love, Betty Who, Mary McCormack, Jeryl Prescott 

A 17-year old Missouri teen named Veronica discovers she has gotten pregnant, a development that threatens to end her dreams of matriculating at an Ivy League college, and the career that will follow.

This film doesn’t really offer anything new. Except for teens who are savvier. even when it comes to birth control and sex but still find themselves making the same mistakes.

While I can give the film some points for being witty. It is mroe episodic and comedic in nature than the situation would have you believe. Like the similar film from. The same year NEVER,  SOMETIMES, RARELY, ALWAYS 

It deals with teen pregnancy and abortion but here. While it has its dramatic moments. The film ends up being a kiddy comedy and road trip movie a live all Else.

A coming of age tale about two best friends reuniting and eventually finally communicating and learning g about themselves and each other finally being truthful in the minefield of teenage life and high school.

One of the most appealing aspects of the movie is that while it is made for all audience members and some adults might actually enjoy the film. The film is obviously made for teenagers. Characters they can identify with and the filmmakers are smart enough to make it a film not full of preaching nor talking down-to the audience but offering characters who aren’t perfect and make mistakes but also are likable and loyal.

Of course most of the characters they meet along the way move the story forward but feel more like stick characters or comedic relief. Who only help to confuse the situations and characters.

The boyfriend character I am happy the film dismantles and exposes. Where he still has toxic masculinity even though he believes himself to be right because he is nice and sensitive. Yet still seeks to control his girlfriend and kind. Even though when the condom broke but neglected to tell her. Even tho consensual could easily also be seen as sexual assault. The film doesn’t go there but seems a little implied 

Also though the movie is entertaining again Haley Lu Richardson walks away with the movie and it shows that she has graduated from this type of material. She has been in So many of these films at this point. That while she is good. She deserves better.

Barbie Ferrera is the only other movie I have seen her in other than EUPHORIA the television series and while this character is less sexual. She is still kind of the outsider and she excels at the character. 

Grade: C+