Directed By: Wes Anderson 
Written By: Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola 
Cinematography: Robert D. Yeoman
Editor: Andrew Weisblum

Cast: Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Frances McDormand, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Bob Balaban, Lucas Hedges 

Set on an island off the coast of New England in the 1960s, as a young boy and girl fall in love they are moved to run away together. Various factions of the town mobilize to search for them and the town is turned upside down – which might not be such a bad thing.

This film has quite a strange mix as it is more of a children’s tale as they fill out the cast but it also has some rather risqué scenes and material involving them. That fits the rebellious nature of the characters and the film. General,  it also as the film has an innocence and wholesomeness that is timeless. You never quite feel that there are any dastardly hidden levels or messages. It is all on the up and up. As the film is full of characters who all have character. 

As even the few villains that might be in the film. Aren’t malicious, they are just doing what they are supposed to despite the various facts and factions that might require them to abandon the rules.

As the film tries to be an ensemble it feels like the characters are in a dollhouse of sorts. Where they are all connected and there is melodrama but the film never gets bogged down and stays quite lively. Even if it feels at times mroe that everyone is on a playground and they have a connection. So that they constantly affect one another like dominoes being set up. When one falls it falls into another and changes its trajectory.

So while we have the young adult couple as the leads. We see how running away affects the status quo and the adult characters.

That rebellious nature is through the film as it offers some new wave filmmaking influences, moments, and obsessions. which are radical while it focuses on the first love between the main characters. Especially as two outsiders who find solace in each other at random. 

Though luckily for all of the influences on display here. The writer/director manages to make them his own original 

The movie is beautifully filmed. Which makes the scenes simple yet effective with constructed shots and angles. With sharp attention to detail and the time period are amazing, but are a few of the things writer/director Wes Anderson’s films are noted for.

As the film feels like a storybook throughout. As we constantly feel like we are in a fantasy or dream of a child. Even as the films show some maturity and a bit of sexuality. Which is dealt with so simply and carefully that thankfully it. Ever feels exploitive.

The film tries to give a view of the disappointments and sometimes tragedy of adulthood. Like you are missing something or have lost a certain perspective and quality of yourself. As the world is still cruel, but you Don’t know how to deal with it. You don’t challenge it or morph it to your sensibilities. It has morphed you and you realize it as you try to rational ways to deal with or distract from that revelation. 

The film is filled with whimsical cuteness. From a cast that seems more willing to let the harder edges of their performances that they usually bring and let themselves go and be softer and gentler. Surprisingly Bruce Willis is the most memorable in the supporting cast. One of his last memorable movie performances before returning due to health issues. 

The novice performances add to the innocence of the characters and situations. Even as they act older than they are, but are still kids at heart. Which makes their story a little more romantic and the adult ones are messy and sad. Yet can’t totally understand or are more envious and want to break it up. As if they can’t have one, why should they? 

The more you watch this film the deeper the appreciation of it begins. 

In the end, the film is charming and offbeat as it offers the hope and magic of romance. Dependent and understood only by the two involved. A belief that anything is possible when powered by love. As it is the two of you against the world and how relationships are adventures in of themselves even if just emotionally. Only here it is done more physically 

Grade: A+


Written & Directed By: Mark Waters

Based on The play By: Wendy Macleod

Cinematography: Michael Spiller

Editor: Pamela Martin

Cast: Parker Posey, Tori Spelling, Josh Hamilton, Freddie Prinze Jr., Genevieve Bujold, Rachael Leigh Cook

A mentally unbalanced young woman – convinced she is Jackie Kennedy – flies into a murderous rage when her brother returns home to reveal he is engaged.

The only reason to watch this film is to see the performance of Parker Posey. As the storyline even feels more quirky than revelatory or making a mark. 

It’s a star-making turn if the movie was more successful and could match her performance. The film has a stern look and feel. As it is based on a play and feels like it. As everything feels staged. Which leaves no room for spontaneity. Where everything feels weird and quirky here just because. No real reason.

It also feels like every moment and line is planned. The characters are quirky but harmless. So that it comes off as more a work of literature than of the makings of a film.

Anytime worker paper is on screen. Which is lucky most of the time. She blows all the other actors away on screen. (Which is especially easy when it comes to Freddie Prinze Jr’s performance) when she is not around you miss her. As with the pink suit she wears throughout it is bright and really one of the few sources of color that cut through all the drab that surrounds it.

The reason I am writing so much about her is that there isn’t too much to say about the rest of the film.

Tori Spelling tries to gain respectability at the time. Showing she can act dramatically and here she doesn’t embarrass herself but she is given a role that while it is vital also comes off a little disposable by the end. Which also feels telling of most of her big screen roles at the time.

This is probably one of the better Freddie Prinze Jr. movies that he appeared in. As one can at least remember him here.

Looking at the grade you can pretty much guess the way I feel about most of his films. His character here starts off one and then makes an about-face. That is never really successfully explained or believable.

This is director Mark Waters’s directorial debut and he shows technical skills. One wishes he had chosen a better screenplay to debut with. Luckily after this, he had better chances to show a flair behind the camera. (MEAN GIRLS)

The film aims to be provocative and artistic which you can feel in every one of its frames but it feels like too much pressure in itself which it can’t contain. Nor can it escape its theatrical origins 

Rent this but a warning first. Only if you are a Parker Posey fan and want to see her greatness on screen. If not you can skip it 

Grade: D+


Written & Directed By: David Mamet
Cinematography: Oliver Stapleton 
Editor: Barbara Tulliver 

Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Alec Baldwin, William H. Macy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Clark Gregg, Julia Stiles, Patti LuPone, Charles Durning, Rebecca Pidgeon, Ricky Jay, David Paymer, Jonathan Katz, Matt Malloy, Laura Silverman 

Having left New Hampshire over excessive demands by the locals, the cast and crew of “The Old Mill” move their movie shoot to a small town in Vermont. However, they soon discover that The Old Mill burned down in 1960, the star can’t keep his pants zipped, the starlet won’t take her top off, and the locals aren’t quite as easily conned as they appear.

A movie about the behind-the-scenes world of movie making and how it wreaks havoc on a small town and how the town gets seduced to a certain degree. While also throwing in a kind of love story in the middle.

The film’s heart really relies on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Character a writer. Who is constantly having to change the script due to the whims of the actors, Star, or producer, and when controversy happens he has to decide to do the moral thing or be dishonest but help the production proceed. 

It offers commentary on movie stars and Hollywood at that time. While showing how easy it is to be corrupted and lead astray. How easily tot can get caught up in something you know is wrong for the supposed greater good. 

Yet very few characters seem to have actual emotions and just deliver one-liners at the ready. Especially his love interest played by Rebecca Pidgeon. Making it seem more stage or sitcom ready. Even as it tries to be a morality play but comes off as false. 

While a satire instead of coming across as biting, clever, or even cynical. It instead comes across at times as smug. As half of the humor comes across as an inside joke rather than inclusive. Showing who they prefer their audience to actually be for the film. 

It’s set in a small town yet nothing feels down to earth about it. 

Though when it does work it is on fire. As it works best when it is more of an ensemble. As it is entertaining with sharp dialogue. 

The film has a great cast. It just feels like a bitter pill too much at times, but funny a lot of times. It ends up feeling too theatrical to be natural. 

Though it seems like everyone tries to come off as cool and all-knowing. So it never comes off as exactly identifiable as it seems so practices and knowledgeable 



Written & Directed By: Woody Allen
Cinematography: Wedigo Von Schultzendorff
Editor: Alisa Lepselter

Cast: Woody Allen, Tea Leoni, Treat Williams, George Hamilton, Debra Messing, Mark Rydell, Isaac Mizrahi, Erica Leerhsen, Aaron Stanford, Fred Melamed, Douglas McGrath, Lu Yu, Barney Chang, Marian Saldes, Tiffani Theissen, Greg Mottola, Mark Webber 

A director is forced to work with his ex-wife, who left him for the studio’s boss, bankrolling his new film. But the night before the first day of shooting, he develops a case of psychosomatic blindness.

This is where Woody Allen lost me after having a  period of disappointing films. At this point, I eagerly awaited every new film he had made since 1992. When I saw HUSBANDS & WIVES. Even though some were not as good as others I stayed loyal though I can admit to not seeing the previous two years’ films.

CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION and SMALL TIME CROOKS even to the day that I am writing this review, but I took a chance on this film and saw it in theaters as I figured it would be a return to form in making fun of himself. That comes across as a tone-deaf parody of himself. 

Unfortunately, the jokes are stale and the situations Seem like a good setup but don’t ever come around to getting the best use out of them. It makes him seem out of touch to a certain extent and tries to portray youth he doesn’t exactly understand. Which is characterized by the character of his punk rock son who calls himself scumbag. 

There are plenty of Hollywood and anti-California Jokes but even the movie he is trying to make within the movie seems pretty bad.

The film feels almost like it was put together or written like a puzzle. Where it is trying to put itself together as it goes along. To kind of have a running theme and story.

It seems to try and spoof Allen himself with the preference of foreign-born cinematographers who speak little English. Which opens up the avenue of having to hire a translator. Who he confides in about his condition. Who pretty much is his confidante, but who he begins to have artistic conflicts with as the translator who is not into showbiz or movies. Becomes almost a co-director and has artistic opinions of his own. This could have been a great side story of giving more time to it, but sadly more wants to focus on past loves and mental trauma as well as blind director Jokes.

The film is one of the few of his films. At least at the time that felt like an assembly line production. He usually puts out a film a year, comes up with a story fast, and tries to build a screenplay around it without feeling it out or doing follow-up drafts. As it feels like he isn’t trying to have any interest in the material. This might have worked more in the ’80s or ’90s but when it came out it felt. I curated it without any nuance. Jaded for no real reason. Almost a Rushed homework assignment.

As always it feels like a prestige film but has little input and feels haphazardly put together. Especially when it comes to casting which seems very random. 

The romance in the middle of the film seems sloppy and unearned other than being entirely predictable. 

The film lives up to Its title, but overall the film deserved better and more. 

Grade: D

BLUES BROTHERS 2000 (1998)

Directed By: John Landis
Written By: John Landis and Dan Aykroyd 
Cinematography: David Herrington 
Editor: Dale Beldin

Cast: Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman, Joe Morton, Nia Peeples, J Evan Bonifant, Frank Oz, Darrell Hammond, B.B. King, Junior Wells, Aretha Franklin, Matt Murphy, Erykah Badu, Johnny Lang, Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett, Eric Clapton, Steve Lawrence, John Popper, Sam Moore, Paul Shaffer, Clarence Clemmons, Issac Hayes, Bo Diddley

Elwood, the now lone “Blues Brother” finally released from prison, is once again enlisted by Sister Mary Stigmata in her latest crusade to raise funds for a children’s hospital. Once again hitting the road to re-unite the band and win the big prize at the New Orleans Battle of the Bands, Elwood is pursued cross-country by the cops, led by Cabel the Curtis’ son (and Elwood’s step-brother), the Russian Mafia, and a militia group. On his new “mission from God” Elwood enlists the help of a young orphan, and a strip club bartender.

I remember when I went to a screening of THE BLUES BROTHERS for a yearly Special festival that played at RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL. That was part of the movie street festival in years past. Where they would screen classic films as a double feature for one week. They showed a special message from Dan Aykroyd on this film’s set and to be prepared for another classic.

I was excited when the Film came out. It, unfortunately, fell Very short.

Watching a documentary on the artists or their performances would be more entertaining than unfortunately watching this film. 

How the mighty have fallen, this film feels strictly like a cash-in on the original and franchise.

All the things the first film does brilliantly. This film either repeats badly or just doesn’t know what to do with it. Even more disappointing is that the original film’s director came back to direct the film. Director John Landis 

This is why the films only have good scenes other than the Musical performances. Are the car chase scenes and even there the film seems to go over the top and ruins a good thing 

As the story is very thin and badly put together to the point it drags along and comes across as an afterthought.

Dan Aykroyd’s Character is just so unresponsive to most things. It doesn’t make his character interesting or entertaining and desperately needs to bounce off of someone. Even when there are two others who try. Leaving the audience just witnessing acts with no rhyme Or reason. Things just seem to happen and characters just seem to change magically all of a sudden. 

Joe Morton’s character for instance and John Goodman go through a total character change due to wardrobe changes. 

John Goodman is wasted as he has very little reason to be there and is given very little to actually do.

Truly the performance scenes Are the film’s only Saving grace. This is why most of the cast is made up of them performing and relegated to cameos.

Some are returning from the first film and others seem more who were more popular at the time and maybe missed being in the first film. As this film is mainly mostly a retread of the first film.

The film is way too long, and the jokes don’t work and never would. Unlike the musical scenes, the humor seems odd to base, like it was hilarious when conceiving but didn’t play well at all. 

If you must watch it. This is the Rare film where I say feel free to fast forward to the performances. If anything it reminds you of how good the original film was and how this film deserves its Legacy.

It is one of those projects that was good in theory but should have been shelved. It comes across as an almost kid-friendly Version of the first film.

Grade: D


Directed By: Lawrence O’Neil

Written By: John Stockwell

Cinematography: Robert Stevens

Editor: Michael Jablow

Cast: David Schwimmer, Chris Cooper, Emily Procter, Matt Frewer, Kathleen Wilhoite, John Stockwell, Louise Fletcher, Terry O’Quinn, Lisa Marie, Amanda Foreman, Lyle Lovett, Julie McCullough, Rena Riffel, Raphael Sbarge 

Two doctors create breast implants. However, when success and money come their way, they separate and follow different paths.

An HBO original tv-movie made for cable when it came out. Using the formula of two popular actors not quite strong enough for a box office release. As the subject which you would think fills seats isn’t quite ready for the big screen. 

The film has a good handle on the subject by presenting us a story of characters who seem to have our attention and sympathies at first but then get affected by greed and sort of switch places but in the end are characters we despise.

Don’t know how exactly fact-based the film is but it stays sleazy as the characters and subject matter does. While keeping your interest. It is loosely based on fact obviously to keep it more dramatic and interesting and offer a more moralistic tale. 

As there is plenty of nudity on display which is understandable considering the subject, but obviously more under the male gaze most of the time. As well as having unnecessary sex scenes. 

As we have scenes where women offer their stories and confessions. Where we never see their face, only their breasts, as they talk.

So that it becomes more exploitive than maybe it was initially conceived or maybe that was the plan the whole time to mix the exploitive with the dramatic and offer some kind of poignancy.

As David Schwimmer’s Character goes from being a brilliant surgeon to more on the shy side and having an obsession with breasts and an idea on how to revolutionize plastic surgery on them. To begin, change by success and general greed. To where he seems to have lost his soul. When the consequences of these surgeries present themselves later and he finds no guilt within himself even when his mother is one of the people he performed the procedure on.

Chris cooper’s character at least shows having the most soul. At first not have faith in Schwimmer’s character then goes into business with him but goes their separate ways when Schwimmer feels he deserves more credit and copper’s character is more conservative and performs more for the elite. Whereas Schwimmer seems to perform for whoever as long as they can pay and alter the ethics. As They both reach cruel yet poetic justice ends.

One of the obvious problems of the film is the title says it all. How to tell this story delicately or at least tastefully and there isn’t.

As it is an interesting subject but unfortunately this story of discovery isn’t populated with worthwhile Decent characters. They are filled with characters who seem to want to do the right thing but money and success go to their heads.

In the end, it feels like a film that wants to be moralistic and a dark comedy with dramatic overtones. That unfortunately isn’t that funny and comes off as awkward and dirty.

Grade: C+

ISHTAR (1987)

Written & Directed By: Elaine May
Cinematography: Vittorio Storaro
Editor: Richard P. Girincione, Stephen A. Rotter & William Reynolds 

Cast: Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman, Isabelle Adjani, Charles Grodin, Jack Weston, Tess Harper, Carol Kane, David Marguiles, Aharon Ipale, Herb Gardner, Fred Melamed, Matt Frewer, Alex Hyde White 

Two terrible lounge singers get booked to play a gig in a Moroccan hotel but somehow become pawns in an international power play between the C.I.A., the Emir of Ishtar, and the rebels trying to overthrow his regime.

The history of this film is infamous. From all of Its problems behind the scenes and on the screen. That it was considered a failure. So much so that I am so shocked that no one has written a book about it.

This comes off as a major failure but an interesting one. Not a car crash Per se

As the film seeks to mash a bunch of genres and types together. It tries to be a comedy where you can hear the jokes in the writing but the delivery is stiff and kind of shows the efforts of the actors who are more famous for drama overall really trying. Yet failing 

It also is a kind of International road comedy. That is a kind of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope throwback. That then seems to become a loose espionage film. 

The first 26 minutes could have been cut shorter as they introduce the characters and feels like an indulgence for the film to set up the characters and their dilemmas. That feels more like a character comedy which writer-director Elaine May is more famous for.

After those initial scenes once we make it to Morocco where the film’s actual plot starts. That is when the film feels like at least it has started to move. Even as the film feels longer than it actually is 

As we can see the ideas on Display but they Don’t seem to connect. so that instead of seeing a production this almost comes off as cold reading or rehearsal 

This film could have been a forgettable 80’s comedy. The only problem is that with the big name talent on display it magnifies everything and makes the film more interesting in studying than actually looking for entertainment.

At times It’s painful and at other times it is amusing. As this film seems like it wants to rest on the laurels of Its star’s star power to carry it. As that sometimes works in bad comedies that stay passable on the likeability  of the star 

It might have even been salvageable or understandable if it starred two actors more known for comedy. Though with two stars who are known for perfectionism and trying an out-and-out comedy rather than any drama. Was a recipe for disaster. 

Especially when you have the stars kind of switch roles from the type of roles they usually play with Dustin Hoffman mroe being the ladies man and Warren Beatty the romantic dumb one who is mroe nerdy 

One can only imagine writer/director  Elaine May, more known for long takes, shooting a lot of footage, and putting films together in editing. Directing two actors known for being particular and revising scripts to their expectations and have been known to take over productions to fit their standards overall. Was quite the match 

The film seems like there might have been some Improv at times though also scripted more when it comes to the plot threads. This would also explain why some scenes feel monotonous In Length and dialogue. Like skits, they aren’t working 

It might have been funnier if the characters’ manipulation and distrust of one another we played up more. As we know the characters are dumb and in over their heads already. Though it becomes a buddy comedy that started off in that way 

Even though they distrust one another to a degree eventually it is so fast. That separation is never felt. As usually in buddy comedies, friction between the leads is part of the entertainment and watching them come back together only resonates with the depth of their friendship and loyalty.

This for s across as an example of the excess in the 1980s and how it affected Even those you counted on for quality eventual icons well into their careers to know better and why they might have become even more particular 

It seems like a typical studio comedy where the package was more important than the actual ingredients, story, or material. Not a particularly high concept In plot but talent definitely 

Unfortunately, it is also so far the last film Elaine May directed, and it’s a shame as most of her movies, even this are great in their own way, classics. This one more so for being an example or made an example of whereas the others were excellent quality. So that she showed a master of writing-directing in the comedy A NEW LEAF and drama MICKEY AND NICKY 

As Isabelle Adjabi and Charles Grodin come off more professional And one note. Though Adjani seems like she’d rather be anywhere else. Their roles and playing up what they know or are expected of them. As they come off more as Hollywood in this film and like they belong in the part of the film they are in. Whereas Hoffman and Beatty belong in the movie that is the first act but then become entangled in the rest where they stick out which seems like they were part of the plan. Though the mixture doesn’t work as you might want to see, the first act continued in one movie, and the later film is more plausible with different actors and characters coming Into it 

This just feels like a movie more for film fans or Hollywood and Tinseltown historians rather than the. Maybe a general audience unless fan completists if the main actors. It’s not as horrible. As it has been labeled. Trust me It’s not good, but it is fun in so bad it’s Good. It’s just not that engaging as it constantly feels like a production 

Even if the actors played the right roles it would not save the film but while it looks initially done to be funnier and a stretch for both of them. It ends up coming Off weak and would have fixed one of Its Many problems 

Mismatched as they play songwriters but they can’t sing well their characters nor the actors appear and while some of the songs are catchy in the writing scenes the performance is horrible. That originally there was going to be a soundtrack but that was scraped after the film bombed 

If the Morocco scenes weren’t so heavy and most of the film. The film could have just been a misfire. As if the characters stayed in New York as we marvel at their failures. Through the depth of their friendship. You can Understand what attracts the stars. As this was a bit of a comeback for each of them

Or was supposed to be. As both had been away from the big screen for five years and their previous films before this were considered classics these days 

Like dumb and dumber in the dessert international. Silly and fun and plays stupid but smarter than it comes across. As it is an epic failure that has so many mishandling yet good intentions and ideas. That is more purely comedic but some spoofs and like the decade excessive in many ways 

Then it all ends abruptly though it feels like it goes a long way just to get to the joke that is the ending while clearly showing Its inspiration so just like the Bing Crosby Bob hope films you have two iconic popular stars all heir for drama starring in a road to type comedy an expensive one that is all over the place 

Which makes the film a Hollywood artifact that matches the likes of Brian de Palma’s bonfire of the vanities with the film’s problems in the making, post-production, and marketing. With songs co-written by Paul Williams which might be why I when a weakness for them 

Grade: C

UNHUMAN (2022)

Directed By: Marcus Dunstan 
Written By: Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton
Cinematography: Lyn Moncrief 
Editor: Andrew Wesman

Cast: Brianne Tju, Benjamin Wadsworth, Drew Schneid, Uriah Sulton, Ali Gallo, Peter Giles, Joshua Mikel, Lo Graham, C.J. Leblanc 

A group of high school students whose school bus crashes on a field trip. Relationships are tested once they realize they are being stalked by an attacker who intends to drive them out and straight into a horrifying fight to survive.

This might have been better off as an MTV original movie rather than an epic original release. Maybe even a television series to stretch it out and back itself up when it comes to plausibility. As it would explain thoroughly who the audience is more aimed at and would make more sense with the direction and twists.

As it tries to do something different or new with its premise in the zombie genre. Which works for it and against it depending on certain audience members. As it tries to do something original, that one can admire and probably helped it get made, but ultimately doesn’t exactly work.

Though the film can be quite entertaining. It remains that way only If you take it for what it offers and don’t try to think too hard. Then it is perfect popcorn entertainment with a twist. That you might be able to see coming. 

As the camera angles and shots are distracting as they are more used in music videos and make the film come off more as jittery. This is why it feels more like an MTV-style production. Other than most of the cast being teenage characters as the adults are taken out quickly 

As it goes for a THE BREAKFAST CLUB explanation of showing that the characters are more than Initially thought and are more well-rounded. While we see them break out of their so-called roles. 

Though ultimately the hero is the one who seems to have no identity through all of this seems to create one. Even though we are never quite sure she is the way she is. Though she does give us a hero who can be physical but is more defined by her quick thinking and ultimate smarts.

Luckily the movie isn’t as exploitive as it could be. It sticks To the genre rules and even has a  final girl of sorts. Though it is heavily edited like it has its own problems when it comes to attention spans and feels rather aggressive. 

This film reminds me of DETENTION directed by Joseph Kahn. Though that film is stronger visually and in theme. This feels like a more lighthearted and cleaner version.



Written & Directed By: Joshua Grannell
Cinematography: Tom Richmond 
Editor: Rick LeCompte 

Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, , Cassandra Peterson, Mink Stole, Noah Segan, Jack Donner, Kat Turner, Jade Ramsey, Nikita Ramsey 

A mousy librarian inherits her father’s beloved but failing old movie house. In order to save the family business she discovers her inner serial killer – and a legion of rabid gore fans – when she starts turning out a series of grisly shorts. What her fans don’t realize yet is that the murders in the movies are all too real.

This film is campy as hell. It feels like a lost John Waters-inspired script.

As it plays homage to horror films of the past but never plays it relatively straight or dramatic each scene feels filled with comedy more than anything.

As the film is over the top as is its Star Natasha Lyonne who is truly one of the only reasons I watched this film. As I have been trying to see it since it first came out and only have had a chance to finally more recently. As she was THE IT girl of indie cinema at the time. This is truly a star-making role for her as she truly gets to go off the wall and fully inhabits the madness of her character and the silliness of the film. 

As this paved the way for the type of roles and characters she would soon play after this. This is more of an introduction to those types, especially as a character who marches to the best of her own drummer.

You can Tell she is having a ball in the role. As it is truly a transformation. Her character starts off the film as meek and shy; throughout each kill, she gains confidence. Until she actually becomes a diva and star. Who gets more stylish and develops a different way of speaking. Like a classic movie star. She also gains a murderous entourage to help her with her kills and productions. Who seems scarier than she but they obey.

Noah Segal in particular is a hilarious scene stealer. As is a veteran actor Jack Donner. It’s also nice to see actress Cassandra Peterson in an actual character role that is not her infamous one of Elvira, mistress of the dark. Even though the film does throw in a joke about that. 

You can never take this film or anything in it seriously. Though it is silly and stupid at times it stays fun throughout. If you are into this type of humor. Even the ending that involves poison has to go grotesque in an absurd way. 

The deaths are inspired and gory. Most of the deaths happen to characters who are annoying or villains. 

It might warm movie fans’ hearts to see that the filmed death scenes were made to be short films. Usually, they are like public service announcements of what not to do at movies to disturb the experience and the consequences of what you do.

Thigh the killers are portrayed as scary they are demented and you enjoy the film more when they are on screen. The scenes of the supposedly normal characters are much scarier. As they are completely off but considered normal or sane. As everybody In This film is somewhat off in some way 

In the end, it just feels like a film of a different era. Yet very specific in its aim and intentions 

Grade: C+


Directed By: Joel Gallen 
Written By: Michael G. Bender, Adam Jay Epstein, Andrew Jacobson, Phil Beauman & Buddy Johnson 
Cinematography: Reynaldo Villalobos 
Editor: Steven Welch 

Cast: Chris Evans, Chyler Leigh, Jaime Pressly, Eric Christian Olsen, Mia Kirshner, Samm Levine, Ron Lester, Joanna Garcia, Sam Hunnington, Randy Quaid, Lacey Chabert, Eric Jungmann, Cody McMains, Nectar Rose, Samaire Armstrong, Beverly Polcyn, Ed Lauter, Paul Gleason, Mr. T, Molly Ringwald, Cerina Vincent

A sendup of all the teen movies that have accumulated in the past two decades. After breaking up with his girlfriend, Priscilla, a popular jock, Jake Wyler makes a bet with his friends that he can’t make ‘ugly girl’ Janey Briggs into prom queen. After spending more and more time with Janey, Jake really starts to think whether he wants to keep the bet on or not.

The first thing you’ll notice about this movie is that it looks ugly. The sets, the film everything looks washed out but still dirty, heaped, and grungy. One remembers how heavily this was advertised primarily by MTV at the time

The scenes never look Natural or even nice looking. The actors look like they have either bad hair dye jobs or bad wigs. The actors are all obviously too old to play teenage characters though that is part of the spoofing.

While this film has Its moments and makes a point here and there nailing its targets it still needs a major overhaul. A lot of jokes seem repetitive and are not clever, they are nasty. Just to be nasty. The film is not as smart as it likes to think it is.

The film feels like a rushed product. Like it is speeding along not aware of its Many flaws. As it seems fast and loose and doesn’t pay any respect or seem to have more than a general understanding of the films it is parodying.

The cast is likable but this film will only serve you with a few chuckles, but hardly a laugh. Even as a spoof this film needed to be better thought out. Like THE SIMPSONS or the NAKED GUN series of films. Which could be lowbrow and funny but still had a lot of well-thought-out and set-up jokes.

One of the good things in this movie is a lockable cast. Especially actress Chyler Leigh as the female lead. She is the only thing that shines bright in the pit of despair of this film. Also the abundant nudity of actress Cerina Vincent as the foreign exchange student. Which is like a work of art itself. On the opposite spectrum, it is sad to see Randy Quaid in this film. As he is a better actor than the material and he gives a bad performance. Then again he doesn’t have that much to work with.

Just like the characters, it highlights the film seems a bit too juvenile as it is obsessed with sex and nudity. Of course, the characters are but it feels like that is the main interest of the film Also. Which leaves it for only a certain kind of audience

When it comes to spoofing. Too many go for the easy jokes that they are supposed to be about, but a truly strung spoof will somehow raise above what they are spoofing to be a strong comedy in their own right and that seems to be a rarity. This is why when it comes to films such as these they never rise above a certain level

I can give the film credit that it hits all of its marks, but unfortunately not in a very clever way and all the cruder. At least not as bad as it seemed like a lot of spoof movies at the time that just tried to be year-end send-ups of whatever was popular or trending, this was better as it was more focused but barely. That seems to have needed a team of comedy writers to make skits and sketches and form into a story 

Grade: D+